Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Tribute to the Moon ...

Here is a poem that I wrote back in the Fall of 2010.  It happens to be about an old friend of mine, the mysterious Moon.  She often keeps me company when I find myself up, alone, late at night.  Since tomorrow marks the Full Moon and also a "Super Moon" ... The closest that the moon has been to the earth in over two decades:  I thought it fitting to post my poem here as a tribute to my dear old friend. 

If all goes well, I will be out with my telescope tonight trying to take some photographs of the dazzling Super Moon.  I've been working on a project to create a piece of ART with the moon at its center.  I am hoping that these Super Moon phootgraphs will be the moon shots that will enable me to complete my project.  We shall see ...

In the meantime, here is a photo that I found on-line as placeholder for my upcoming Moon ART....


@Copyrighted Poem,2010. All Rights Reserved: Michelle C.of

Mysterious Moon

Mysterious Moon ringed in orbs of dancing majesty.
Beguiling velvety shadows freely to unfold,
Aside releasing long hidden truths from Night's deathly hold.

A blanket of fog enshrouds us, above and below.
Shadows band in unison, whispering a haunting melody
That sends chills to vibrate freely through a cold and lonely me.

Where are you hiding Dearest?
Sovereign of the Silent Time...
Does sadness kiss your lips this day as well?
Do come. Come out and play.
For what else better is there to do,
When the heart finds itself inextricably in tired hue
Than to throw off chains binding in daylight hours.
To run barefoot, unbridled, through dewy grass?
Let us laugh, dance and play!
As tis the night, we are sure to have right of way.

Do come out, my lovely, Mysterious Moon.
The hour grows late and I find myself so very lonely.
My demands are simple and few.
I want only for some unspoken company.
There is no need for words.
All that is heard need not be spoken.

Silvery silence, I bid you: do come hence.
Creep forth to gently light.
Stir this night,
And in me a weary smile renew, I pray.
There you are!
You were hiding, my Mysterious Moon.
Such games you already do play?
And yet, perhaps a kindred soul you still in me?

Blessed be we, creatures in the night,
Yet not of the night.
Not us those of dark and fright,
But rather we be creatures of wakefulness.
Wakefulness, for the many tasks that have been
Set unto our seemingly simple hands.
To illuminate and dispel,
Opening eyes that others may come to understand
The not so simple right at hand.

Come then, let us make the effort.
Take my hand.
Let us twirl about, entwined within mystic winds,
Dance the secret dance of the moon kissed fairies.
Soon to laughter,
Hereafter to chase our worries and cares away.
Or at the least do our best to keep them, for a time, at bay.

[For tis said that Night is but of illusion,
Dreams and long forgotten memories.
Yet somehow, I do not think this completes the tale.
Night has so much more to tell.
Yet still so many would simply close tired eyes,
Ignoring abtruse, portal...
Entryway to secret realms.
Answers to secrets that Daylight would dare to keep.
Night for her part stubbornly closes her lips ever so tightly,
Coyly refusing to divulge the secrets of her transient twin.
But in their defense, the entrance is not free for all to see.
There waits a price to be paid.
And so this night we do instead to play.
That on the morrow our journey to seek the truth may renew.]

A tear of joy forms, dancing merrily down star strewn cheeks,
As the dance of joy-filled laughter and repose
Winds begrudgingly to its close.
In spent exhaustion we collapse upon fields of infinity.
Time has stood its still.
A sigh of gladness releases mystic winds.
And I to kindred spirit do embark with thought to say:
Mysterious Moon, my dearest old friend,
I do thank you for coming out to play this lonely night.
You've helped to replace tears of sorrow with laughter,
Chased loneliness and fright away.
This Night, I now know I will not have to fight.
Already, my heart feels lighter and my lips feel free to sing.
Though song will not yet come, hope has been renewed...
For tomorrow brings a new day, and it has yet to play.

@Copyrighted Poem,2010. All Rights Reserved: Michelle C.of


lorely said...

I happen to have a love affair with the moon too! I love your interaction with the moon in this...

Michelle C. said...

Glad you love the moon too, Lorely. : ) Thanks for the kind words about my poem. Means a lot coming from a writer like yourself. My telescope (camera) and me have a 'date' with the moon tongith ... I'm bringing the wine ; ) Peace ...