Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Many Frogs Do I Have to Kiss?

Up alone, late at night again ... with insomnia?  Needed to lighten the mood, so I tried my hand at writing a silly poem.  Yes, the meter and rhyme could use a bit more work,  but this is at least good for a few laughs ... and maybe somewhat clever and amusing?  Judge for yourself ... Maybe I'll work on the meter and rhyme and repost at a later time?

"My Prince Charming?"
@Copyrighted Image, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

@Copyrighted Poem, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

"How Many Frogs Do I Have to Kiss?"

By, Michelle C. of whatplanetareyoulivingon.blogspot.com

Throughout countless fairytales you roam.
Alone, hopping from pond to pond you wander,
Alight with magic and wonder,
On quest to find your Mrs. Right.
Your journey takes you far from home.

Although a traveler in disguise,
And not altogether seemingly unwise,
You have been known to feast
On the occasional dragon or fly.
But then, who are we to question why?

You venture forth, one lily pad at a time.
Without much reason, but often with occasional rhyme,
Into strange and foreign land
Seeking one true fair maiden's hand.
In search of she who would see
Beyond your slimy green exterior.
Your mission surely puts you the test.

For how to find she who would see
You for your possibilities, hopes and dreams?
Fair maiden who would at last set you free,
Without she first raise you to her trembling lips?
Such a quandary must surely your courage best,
Lest you wonder if fair maiden holds any ulterior
Motive in her kiss...
After all, you could just as well wind up instead remiss,
A tasty adjunct to her hips.

Yet you carry on, you do, brave knight.
Ever willing to take on the fight.
On a quest to find your light.
Seemingly simple in stature and size:
You are a prince when at last viewed through true love's eyes.

@Copyrighted Poem, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

P.S.  Regarding the "tasty adjunct to her hips" ... I was referring to fried frog legs and the resultant weight/fat gain, but another friend was ever so kind to point out to me that this line could have an entirely different meaning.  That's the beauty of poetry, I guess ... It speaks to each person differently?  ; )

And the photo is my entry for a friend's St. Patrick's Day photo contest. It was an exercise in patience photographing this one! I don't have a lens that does good close-ups and macro shots yet. So I composed this shot and then shot the photo from accross the room ; )

3/15 I had one friend tell me that this was his life's story ... right up until he hopped onto his present wife's lily pad and kissed her on the lips.  He says that it's been a fairytale ever since.  I'm glad to hear that happily ever after is out there, in the real world, for some.

4/2/2011  UPDATE: MY ENTRY IN THE PHOTO CONTEST (THIS PHOTO) WAS THE WINNER!  MY FIRST CONTEST EVER ENTERED : )  I'll take that as a good omen to keep shooting photos and experimenting with photography.  I just celebrated my one year anniversary for officially starting photography at the end of this March 2011.

4/13/2011 Photo Contest Update:  My interview for the contest win posted today ... Jana's Mystic Light Photography on Facebook   or JanaSoch.com: Meet Isabelle Black Smith ... if you are interested (note: have to click on my fav photos in order to step through the slide show and see all three).

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