Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Late Night Coloring ...

I confess ... Have had 1/2 cups of coffee these last few days.  Yes, my stomach is paying for it now.  Been a long time since I've had coffee ... I remember why now.  Gives me the shakes now too.  Don't worry ... I will stop.  Promise.  Here's another late night 'scribble' ... I had fun with this one.  Letting go of some of my perfectionism?  I need a digi-pad.  Drawing righthanded with a mouse, when I am supposedly lefthanded is getting a bit old.

This one has a good message though ...

ART by ME ... Feel free to share this one if you want.

Note: Feel free to use this image, but please link back here to my blog and give me credit as the photographer. Thank you!

And another late night realization for me:  "I find that if I make myself smile on the outside, that sometimes the inside catches on : ) "  ~ME

Joyful day to all who pass this way! 



lorely said...

Hello from one lefty to another!

whatplanetareyoulivingon said...

Hey, Lorely ... Nice to meet another "south paw" as they call it in Texas. We are the minority. When I was little, my parents bought me a t-shirt that says "Everyone is born righthnaded: Only the GREATEST can overcome it." Hah! Think I've lived up to that. I still have that t-shirt. I've given it to my youngest daughter now : ) Joyful day to you, my friend! Thanks for sharing.