Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec. 16th - Healthcare Reform Repeal Petition Newsletter

Here is the newletter that I just received from the Campaign for the Petition to Repeal Healthcare Reform ...

Dec. 16th, 2010

TOP STORY »Petition Drive is "Red Hot"

The Repeal It Now! Campaign to erase the disastrous HealthCare law is off to a red-hot start. Even in its first few weeks, the campaign has produced overwhelming results. Americans from coast to coast have responded strongly to television ads calling for outright repeal of the HealthCare Act. "We are well on our way to our first million petitions," said campaign chairman, Ken Hoagland.

"Mike Huckabee, Michael Reagan and even Joe the Plumber have helped us gather a growing momentum that will inevitably result in outright repeal of this destructive law in the coming year," said Hoagland. "We will use the largest petition drive in the history of the nation and a variety of overwhelming grassroots and legislative tactics to force a veto-proof vote for repeal in the coming months," he said.

"Because Congress forced this law down our throats over the objections of a majority of Americans it is only right that the American people answer back with an overwhelming demand for repeal," said Hoagland. "The many destructive realities of the new law have already begun to damage the fabric of American society and our economy and are fuel for the fire that now burns in the American people for outright repeal of this destructive legislation," he said.

The Repeal It Now campaign announced its first petition delivery will be in January to greet the incoming Congress. "There must be no mistake by Congress that the American people are determined to see this law overturned," said Hoagland. Through this newsletter and special e-mail reports the Repeal It Now campaign will inform supporters of both our progress and the expected "maneuverings" that Washington will offer to avoid faithful representation of American citizens. "We won't be accepting any excuses," said Hoagland.

"Yes, many pundits don't believe that the Senate can be made to vote for repeal," said Hoagland. "We strongly disagree because we believe in the power of Americans to force true representation. We believe that with determination we can change the political reality that now exists in Washington," he said.

Please help us continue to drive petition signatures by forwarding this email to every family member, friend and co-worker you know and ask them to click here and Sign the Petition Today!

White House Friends Get Hundreds of ObamaCare Waivers

The White House has quietly granted more than 200 waivers for new healthcare act requirements, essentially granting repeal to more than a million people. For average Americans, however, only outright repeal through our campaign will bring relief from this destructive law.

Unions like the Service Employee's International Union (SEIU), perhaps the most partisan of all Mr. Obama's supporters (who devoted millions of dollars to attacking Republican candidates), was one of the first waivers granted -- allowing their members an "escape hatch" from ObamaCare. All unions were granted exemption from income taxes on the value of high cost plans -- unlike every other American.

Adding salt to the wound, the law exempts the President, Vice-President, cabinet officers and Capitol Hill staffers who work for Congressional Committees, among others.

The promise repeated over and over again that average Americans could keep their health care coverage has now been admitted to be false with the Administration itself conceding that as many of eight out of ten existing programs will disappear under onerous new coverage requirements.

A full list of exempted unions and others business will be detailed in upcoming newsletters.

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