Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sign the Petition: You CAN Do Something to Help Repeal "Healthcare Reform" Law

Were you outraged that the "Healthcare Reform" Bill was pushed through Congress, despite strong opposition from the American people? 

Did you not buy Nancy Pelosi's claim that: "We have to PASS the bill before we can see what's in it."?!

Well, we've seen what backroom deals and thousands of pages of unread (prior to voting) documents have produced and we STILL DON'T WANT THIS "Healthcare Reform"!  If you feel the same way as I do, then visit this website and sign this massive national petition to have this lousy and damaging piece of legislation repealed:

Sign the Petition to Repeal Healthcare Reform Law

(Note: the first screen with the Mike Huckabee video clip is the signing of the petition. The subsequent screen is just if you want to contribute money to help raise awareness of this cause. If you don't want to contribute: just close out the window. You have still signed the petition.)

This campaign is being headed by former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee.  Don't delay, visit today! Take a stand against political corruption and the potential devastation of our healthcare system (i.e., turning our U.S. Healthcare System in the fiasco that is socialized medicine in Europe).

On another note ...
As I was reading recent news articles on the Healthcare Reform Law, I happened to come across a very well written,detailed explanation of what is wrong with the Healthcare Reform Law as it currently exists.  The article also puts forth very realistic solutions for what we can, and should do, to address "fixing" our current healthcare system woes.  The article is found at the "Americans for Tax Reform" website and is titled "Healtcare Soultions" (click on title to visit the webpage).


  1. We must kill any and all attempts at progress! Please, please, maintain the status quo! Insurance companies must be assured that their power and livelihood will not be reduced.

  2. Well anonymous, you are entitled to your opinion and I do happen to agree that insurance companies could use some tighter regulations. That being said: this mammoth snowball of a Healthcare Reform Law is NOT the way to go about doing it.


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