Monday, December 20, 2010

Moon Photographs: Taken with the New Camera Mount for my Telescope

Well, I finally found the time and a reason (near full moon: 99% of full and clouds not too dense) to try out the new camera mount for my Astroscan telescope.  It was a bit cloudy, so the images are not as clear as I would have liked ... but this was a trial run ... just to see what I would ... could get.  Lots to learn:  this is a whole new ballgame for me. 

Haven't had time to look at all of the images yet.  I just choose what appeared to be the 2 best and took a look at them.  Here are my favorite thus far.  I LOVE the moon ... She and I are old friends.  : )

Photos by me, Michelle C.:  12/19/2010 ... Feel free to use, copy, post etc. ...
Give me credit if you want : )

Photo By, Michelle C.

Note:  Clouds are what make these images appear to be slightly out of focus ... This was the best I could get with the clouds in the way.

"Fly Me Away to the Dark Side of the Moon ....
.... And Meet Me on the Other Side"

Photo By, Michelle C.

Late p.m. ...

There is a lunar eclipse tonight ... but alas the cloud cover is too dense to even see the moon at all most of the time.  Even when the clouds disperse slightly ... there is still enough cloud cover to prevent seeing a clear image with the telescope or the camera.  Such is life ... there will be other times.

In lieu of lunar eclipse photos ... here is an ART render that I did ... just for FUN, titled "Solar Demise" ...

"Solar Demise", By Michelle C.

Feel free to use this image as well ... give me credit if you want : )

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