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Nature of the Kiss ...

In recent days, I have asked: "What's in a name?" And "What's in a voice?" Well, how about: "What's in a kiss?" ... Isn't the latter the next step in a logical progression, maybe? ... Okay, just go with it ; )

I remember viewing this iconic photo for the first time within the pages of a big 12" x 18" Time Life Book of "World's Most Memorable Images" (or something like that? I can't quite remember the exact title).  I was about eight years old at the time, visiting with my Great Aunt and Uncle at their summer lake house, in Wisconsin.  My Uncle was a dentist and he and his wife loved lots of cool things: among them books and travel.  Visiting them, for me, was the gateway to a whole new world of adventures. The obvious adventure of the fabulous outdoors (swimming, canoeing, chasing frogs, fish and snakes, bonfires, hikes in the woods looking for deer ... wondering if you'd encounter a bear) aside, My Aunt and Uncle also had a truly remarkable collection of books. They had your typical reading books, but they also owned many "picture books" filled with page after page of fabulous photographs and famous paintings. Their collection of books, travel trinkets, travel photos and the most amazing handheld picture viewer of 'famous places around the world' often transported me to far away, strange and foreign lands.

This classic photo of a returning sailor from war --a hero-- locked in the passionate embrace of kiss with his "sweetheart" was forever etched in my mind that hot summer evening, so long ago, the day of my first viewing. I remember sighing and thinking, silently, to myself at that moment:  "This must be what Love is."  Little did I realize at the time that the two people in the photo were complete strangers. You see, it seems an enthusiastic sailor, elated to finally be safely back home from the war, just grabbed the first gal he spotted walking down the street and planted a big, wet kiss on her (interesting photo facts, scroll down beyond #1 to +1). Kind of romantic, in a "Gone With the Wind" sort of way, right? Well, my thoughts on what Love is and isn't have evolved substantially since my first viewing of this iconic photo, but let's keep the focus on the subject of this photo and the discussion at hand: The Kiss

Awhile back, some writing friends challenged me to write three very different writes on the subject of "a kiss." I am happy to report, that after much initial struggle, I was able to rise to the challenge. Pondering this subject matter for my writes naturally conjured up this iconic image of "A Kiss" in my mind.  So I went on-line and found a copy of this photo and used it as my inspiration for this write. The evolution of my thoughts on the subject of "the kiss" resulted in the poem at the end of this post. This poem is the first of the three writes. It is a more playful take on "what's in a kiss." This poem was kind of the ice-breaker that paved the way for the other two more passionate and personal writes. Not sure that I will share the latter two here with you … but for now, here follows my playful write on "what's in a kiss."

I suppose that the obvious closing question would be: "Do you remember your first kiss?" … But, personally, I think that first kisses are highly over-anticipated and overrated. To my way of thinking subsequent kisses are often more memorable, not to mention enjoyable, but perhaps that is just me. With three daughters rapidly approaching the potential age for first kisses, I am confident that I shall soon have some firsthand, unbiased --*****-- input on the subject. Although, it may still be awhile before I get this input as my younger two daughters still shout "Ewwwhhhh!!?!!" when they see two people kiss in the movies or on TV -- sigh of relief from me ; ) Kids grow up so quickly, anyway nowadays, don't they? I'm all for letting them enjoy being young, innocent and free for as long as they can be.

@Copyrighted Image: Allied Eisen. Getty.

"Nature of the Kiss"

I can be many things:  Innocent, sweet,
Subtle and simultaneously alluring.
How about intense and passionate ...
Emotions deep within you stirring?
I can be entirely spontaneous
Or  conversely premeditated.
More often than not, though,
I'm just a random mix
Betwixt the latter calibrated.
But perhaps I am at my best
When I'm anticipated?
From gestures of grandeur,
Spanning the gamut to insipidity:
I am bestowed in a wonder of ways
And for a number of worthy reasons,
At times, even chancing purely
Upon the gentle breeze of serendipity.
I garner labels ranging from Notoriety
To hands-down outright Impropriety.
Sometimes I am bestowed in
Dubiety, Spontaneity and/or Anxiety ...
And even, from time to time,
God forbid, in Inebriety.
I can be dry, wet, cold, hot or steamy,
But don't you just love it when I'm dreamy?
In lust, friendship, kinship, hope or greeting: 
There are endless reasons for lips meeting.
Lips imparting treasured bliss, 
In form of most endearing kiss.
Placed upon forehead, neck, cheek or hand  ...
But when lips meet lips, man oh man ain't it grand?

@Copyrighted & Published Poem, 2011.  All Rights Reserved:  Isabelle Black Smith.

Song: "A Kiss to Build a Dream On", By Louis Armstrong  

Louis Armstrong, old 'Satchmo', another unique and fabulous voice : )

3/27/2012 Good news. Seems revisiting some of my old writes helped to break the rust free. I've found my words and I am writing again. It feels good to be back. With any luck, I will be able to ride this wave through to the completion of novel of #2.  Peace & Love  ~M

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