Monday, March 19, 2012

Counting Your Blessings ...

Just when I was beginning to think that mystery and magic were on hiatus ... I felt drawn to peek through the white sheers of the nearest windows. Initially in search of my mysterious moon, I was taken aback when to my surprise my eyes beheld a serenely sleeping world, nestled snuggly under a blanket of pristine and glistening white.  Snow had snuck in, ever so quietly upon us, and sprinkled his magic about ... bidding mystery and magic to arise once again from their slumber and come out to play.  Oddly enough, this cold snow warms my heart and brings a much needed smile to my face. =)

It is just before midnight. I may venture out into the night for a few nighttime photographs of our wonderful winter-wonderland.  Kids will get a kick out of this in the morning, I know. Wonder if schools will be let out for another snow day? Hopefully, this snow will stick around long enough for some sledding and snowball fights. Kind feels like Christmas all over again. : ) ... That Bing Crosby song from the movie "White Christmas", titled "Count Your Blessings" (duet with Rosemary Clooney) is going through my mind as I type right now ... "If your'e worried and you can't sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep ...  And you'll fall asleep counting your blessings."

... (3:30 a.m. my time)... Okay, I am back. It is late (as usual) and for a change, my eyelids are growing heavy --hopefully a sign that a few hours of restful sleep will come my way shortly.  As I was shooting some photo snaps, outside in amongst the newly fallen snow, I could hear the sound of melting snow ... drip, drip, dripping and running on down, in slow currents, to wind its way into the storm drains and away. Sadly, I suspect this snow won't be here for very long and I noticed there was no accumulation on the sun-warmed sidewalks and roads.  Thus, the kids will most likely have school tomorrow without interruption. Such is life  :(  Hopefully, they will at least get to see the snow? If they weren't sleeping so peacefully, I'd probably wake them up to see ... But good moms don't do stuff like that, right? Oh well ... I'm rambling. I do that when I start to get sleepy, but rambling is a good sign. It means my brain is finally starting to shut down.  So here are a few snow photos for you, as promised. Perhaps they will bring a small smile to your face?

Peace & Lots of Love,

Nighttime Snow Photography (by streetlights):  Just for FUN ...

@Copyrighted Photo, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

"Stop and Stare ..."

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"Snow's Silent Whisper"
@Copyrighted Photo, 2012. All Rights Reserved. 

"Snow Fairies at Play"

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Nite ya'll ...XoXo... My pillow is calling ; )

P.S.  I found a music video that I actually like.  It goes with the "Stop and Stare" photograph up above.  I love the acoustic guitar.  This is a truly beautiful rendition of this popular song. Enjoy!

Song: "Stop and Stare", Performed on Acoustic Guitar By Adam Pluse

Makes you stop and think doesn't it?  And if doesn't:  maybe it should:   "I've become what I can't be?"  ... and  "Fair ain't what you really need."  That's some pretty heavy stuff ... But how many of us ever take a moment to slow the pace of this rat race long enough to take a good hard look at ourselves, where we're at and what we've become?


Whitemist said...

snow can be beautiful and the little short ones seem best of all to me - ice shots of the snow at nught!
I am glad i have a vast appreciation of music nd i know the song - i usually play it at Christmas time.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Yes, short snows don't cause traffic woes. No shoveling needed either : ) I agree, song works well at Christmas. Hope you are doing well today and find reasons to SMILE =) Take care of you, my friend.