Friday, March 23, 2012

My Blog Blows with the Wind?

As I read here now, I wonder sometimes if my blog here is a "Blessing" (per my last post)? Why do I bother to write and post here? Why do I force myself to share?

It's not that I really care if anyone else cares about what I write ... or if they like my photos, ART and poems. I could care less if anyone agrees with me on politics either ... agree to disagree is okay with me as long as lives are not at stake. Mostly, my blog is just my wanting to have a place to vent and to be heard ... even if the only recipients are ever me and the mysterious universe. In many ways, I think my Blog acts as a voice of reason that helps to keep me sane.

Sometimes when I look at my stats, I wonder where my images wind up? Most of my hits are for images ... although my writes on "contraception" have gotten a lot of hits too: 60+ just for the original post. Every now and again, the human side of me wishes someone would leave me a comment to thank me for the image they have borrowed or at least to leave a link to where my image was used for me to see. Then again, I stop and think: maybe one of my photos hangs on the wall in someone's home or office, graces the backdrop of their PC or other device and in doing so brings a much needed smile to someone's face. God Bless all who pass this way.

I've given up trying to figure out "following"? My blog seems to blow with the wind ... Every 12 hours, or so, I seem to be moved into a new neighborhood for reasons that I often fail to understand.  A few days back I was surrounded by lots of "Mommy" blogs, then I moved into the neighborhood with many "Catholic" and other religious type blogs ... Yesterday, I found myself surrounded by a bunch of dog-lovers. Is the universe trying to tell me its time to give a new puppy a home after the passing of my German Shepherd of 13+ years last spring?

A few of the blogs I have tried to follow have left for "Wordpress pages" ... though I can't see why?  I tried WordPress for my writing, at the urging of some writer friends, but I only posted one single poem ... before my patience gave out. I found the Wordpress format to be very constraining and the audience limited. Seems that if you want to do anything with your page you have to subscribe to an upgrade for a fee that is $30.00++ dollars per year. I really do have to give the Blogger Team a lot credit here;  they have awesome tools, unlimited space, lots of cool gadgets and free templates that are highly customizable. And the Blogger Team is very receptive to user inputs for new ideas.  Seems Blogger is always rolling out new improvements. You just can't beat the Blogger experience, in my humble opinion.  Thank you, Blogger Team!

Adsense$$ seems to work well for many who use it as a source of revenue generation.  For me, I have no desire to make money from my blog ... I would enable Adsense if I could have the money generated from ads donated directly to a charity, anonymously --leaving me out of the loop entirely-- but thus far I have not figured out a way to do this.

So even though I may disappear for short periods of time --when my "real life" becomes overwhelming-- I will keep Blogger in my life for the foreseeable future.  Besides, a very wise and talented man --and one of my all-time favorite artists-- once said "The Answer is Blowing in the Wind" (link explores meaning behind these words and the meaning of the song). Happy Blogging, ya'll : )

Song: "Blowing in the Wind", By Bob Dylan

4/2/2012  ... Well I haven't moved in a few days now.  My new location allows me to pray for those in perhaps the most dire of situations.  You don't like to stop and think that slavery of any sort still goes on in this day and age, but the harsh reality is that it does.  Perhaps awareness and many prayers will bring this ugly truth to light and put an end to it once and for all:


lorely said...

I would miss your blog Michelle...Your post reminds me of a writing on my blog from Jan 2011...called Brevity...We are all but wisps of vapor it seems and someday our writings will disappear into the wind. Let us hope that some of our legacy and sanity and insanity will live on and that perhaps some day one will see a picture or hear a word...and understand.

Whitemist said...

Hmmm...same reasom i vent or to clear my head, do not know which is more important. I never worry about my pictures, but if i use some one, i always ask permission...

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Thank you, Lorely. Yes, we each in some small way need to be heard. I will look for your Jan. 2011 post. I agree with your sentiment that one day our words, art ... images may reach out and speak to another in their time of need what they need to see, hear ... experience and feel. You are very wise and such a beautiful spirit. Keep sharing your words, wisdom and light. God Bless!

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

I don't know which is more important either, James. Guess, it just depends on the given day and your perspective at the time, right? Wonderful that you are courteous enough to ask for permission before using images of another. Joyful day to you, my friend. Thank you for sharing : )