Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Republican Voters are Doing Their Homework and ...

Making up Their OWN minds in this Republican Primary. You gotta love it: Voters coloring outside the lines.  =)

My own personal feelings on a big issue of late aside ... One can always pray.  So I did.  I prayed for the best man to lead this country to do well in these 2 southern primaries, at this pivotal point in the primary process ...  And Rick Santorum won in both Alabama and Mississippi.

Fox News Video:  "Rick Santorum:  We Did it Again!"

I must say, the American people are doing their homework  and voting their own minds this election cycle. That truly gives me hope for our nation. Voters aren't content to let the media, RNC establishment and the polls make their decisions for them and that truly renews my faith in the American electorate.  God Bless America, Rick Santorum, his family and staff.  Keep the momentum going!

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Rick Santorum's Plan for His First 100 Days in Office

If Rick Santorum can get a handle on his social positions and use his voting record to his advantage to demonstrate that he clearly understands the difference between holding a personal belief (e.g., religious) and making policy ... If he can reassure voters that if elected he will respect "the will of the people" ... Then Rick Santorum will indeed be THE BEST candidate to secure the Republican Nomination heading in to the general election against President Obama. ... And Santorum needs to get this dialogue going NOW.

There is a distinct and important difference between being a "true conservative" and being a "staunch (intolerant) conservative."  While the latter may appeal to the right-wing of the conservative base in this Republican Primary:  it won't fly in the general election.

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