Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue Destiny ...

No words or images have returned, but I finally found it in me to play with some beads.  Started work on some new pieces I am calling "Blue Destiny" ... ethereal, dreamy ... hazy blues seem to be my favorite color to work with these days.  I am trying to learn some new wire bending and molding techniques that have a spiraled cage looking sort of effect. Linking these cages together you can make longer chains and create some really original looking pieces. This new technique tries my patience a bit, but I will persevere.  Think I might need a few new tools to make the task a bit simpler? Making jewelry seems to be a good focus and distraction for me --especially when I am up, unable to sleep, until all hours of the morning-- plus it gives me a small sense of accomplishment and is a healthy outlet for my creativity.

"Blue Destiny" Close-up Detail
@Isabelle Black Smith, 2012. 

Signed "Blue Destiny"
@Isabelle Black Smith, 2012.

These earring just did NOT want to be photographed.
But it was fun to play with light and reflections here. : )
Think that pinkish-orange in the light source is my reflection.

I wonder, do you BELIEVE in destiny?  

To me, Destiny is just another set of lines .. a box to jump out of ... Perhaps Destiny is more of a sort of a set of near infinite possibilities --some more heavily weighted than others-- from which we consciously or subconsciously choose by our thoughts and actions.

One of my favorite artists and paintings.
"Destiny", By John William Waterhouse

Interesting ... Seems Waterhouse associates Destiny with Blue as well.

Anyone know a good song for Blue and Destiny?  How about this one:  "Desert Rose", By Sting.

In our deserts we dream of rain ... hope and endless possibilities... our thirst drives us to seek out and drink from the cup of destiny as we long for the magic of fulfillment, our own rose of the desert ... and when, and if, we are so fortunate as to find this elusive treasure: is what we find merely a figment of our imagination? Little more than a taunting mirage conjured up by our own personal desert?


Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Aonymous ... Gotta love that Warner's Media Group: NOT!

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

I don't care how much I love an artist's music if they are represented by WMG: I am not going to buy them.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

WMG ... think you will just be the topic of my next blog post.