Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saying "Good-bye" to a Beloved Pet ...

Actually, I don't believe in "Good-bye" ... for me, it's "Until we meet again."

Sasha, our German Shepherd "puppy", passed away in her sleep last night. She suffered another stroke yesterday. We made her comfortable, and I just prayed that she would pass away peacefully in her sleep so that we would not have to bring her into the vet to have her put down. Last night at 3:49 a.m., while taking a break from my vigil, I felt the spirit of my playful puppy by my side at the computer ... wanting to be pet on the head and I knew then that she was gone.

The kids got to say goodbye last night, and I didn't tell them this morning that she was gone. I will tell them when they get back home from school.  They were teary-eyed of course, but they know that death is not the end.

Sasha was a great dog and she had a good life. She celebrated her 15th birthday this past February 23, 2011. She will be missed, but we know that death is not the end and that Sasha is in a happy place, without pain right now ... onto her next great adventure.  : )

Until we meet again, my sweet friend, Sasha ... You are loved! ♥

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