Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rebirth, Forgiveness & Happiness (Flying!) ...

I've thought about it long and hard this Easter ... What does Easter truly mean to me?  My kids are older now.  They're not into coloring Easter eggs.  They don't believe in the Easter Bunny.  Egg Hunts have begun to lose their appeal.  So I thought, what can I gift my daughters for Easter this year?  And it came to me that I could share with them what Easter truly means to me ... Beyond the story ... the symbolism ... What it means to open your heart and embrace the gift that we receive at Easter.  And this is what I came up with ...

Spring is a time of rebirth as life all around us awakens from winter's slumber with new growth, vigor and vitality.  So to me it is fitting that Easter also falls within this season of 'Spring', for each of us is reminded, merely by opening our eyes and seeing the beauty in the world around us, of the potential for rebirth in our own lives.  Maybe some of us have been in our own spiritual winter, but it's never to late:  Today is a NEW DAY!  You can make a conscious choice to put the past behind, to embrace the hope of rebirth and to begin this day to lead the life you were meant to lead.  God, our Creator, wants you to be happy and he's given you the keys ... Maybe some of us have misplaced them, but with a little effort one can find them again ... Then, it's up to you to use them.

"Rebirth" ... Photo By My Daughter Beth = : )
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Whether you believe in Jesus, or not,  God's gift of forgiveness is still yours to embrace.  You have only to ask for it in your heart and mind, with true faith, and in doing so you throw off the weights of this materialistic world, open your wings and begin to fly ... And just maybe, as you are searching your own heart and mind for forgiveness of your sins, you will find it within you to perhaps forgive someone else who has wronged you in some way.  Maybe we, all of us, hold the keys to forgiveness?

God's gift of Peace, Love & Light to all who pass this way. 
A Blessed Easter to You and Yours,


P.S.  If you need a laugh:  While at mass yesterday, for Easter, we renewed our baptismal vows ... after which the minister sprinkles Holy Water over the congregation.  My oldest rolls her eyes at the silly symbolism in her mind.  My middle daughter is alarmed ... "I don't want to get wet!  It will leave spots on my silk dress."  But my youngest smiles broadly and exclaims, "COOL!  I won't have to take a shower tonight!"


lorely said...

Love and Light...the best gift you could possibly give to you kin...His Love and His Light...

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Well said, Lorely : ) Thanks for stopping by!