Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revisiting the Impressionists ...

I've been revisitng the Impressionist painters, off and on, since the start of the new year ... as time permits.  The Impressionists were the first artists that I was ever introduced to.  I love the Impressionists!  I love the way that these artists capture the simple beauty of the everyday ... of nature ... the play of light ... awakening the imagination ... sight ... within the viewer.

These artists, the Impressionists, were first presented to me by my French teacher ... of all teachers (?!) ... in junior high, 7th grade: Madame Halcomb. Madame Halcomb was a warm spirit and an old soul, with a zest for life. She had a gift for bringing learning to life: literally!  I can still vividly see Madame Halcomb's warm smiling face, twinkling hazel eyes, and flaming red hair. She could have just taught us French, but she chose to do so much more ... she wanted to introduce us to some of the world's most famous painters ... the Impressionists ... including Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Renior, and Degas.

I have to laugh now ... I probably learned more about art that semester than the French language itself ... but it is precisely because of the art that I happen to remember Madame Halcomb with such fondness. I wonder if she is still with us today? If Madame Halcomb's firey spirit and tenaciousness are any indication of her inclination toward longevity: she probably is still with us. I can easily see Madame Halcomb being a centurian.

'Girl with a Watering Can', Auguste Renoir

The little 'Girl With a Watering Can', By Renoir  is probably one the most vivid images that comes to mind when I recall the Impressionists. This painting is still one of my absolute favorite paintings to this very day. Degas's ballerinas and Monet's beautiful gardens (would love to visit the Gardens at Giverny ... need to add that to my Bucket List as well!) are vivid images as well.

'Women with a Parasol' is another favorite from long ago ... and probably because these are the very first artists that I was ever introduced to: this artistic style, these paintings, and the Impressionists themselves will always hold a very special place in my heart.  Of course, the fact that these artists were rebels, going against the established norms of their times might just have a little bit to do with why I love the Impressionists so very very much. : )

'Woman with a Parasol', Claud Monet

'La Classe de Danse', Edgar Degas

'Waiting in the Wings', Edgar Degas

'Water Lillies', Claud Monet

'Woman in a Garden, Sainte Adresse', Claud Monet

'Poppies Blooming', Claud Monet
[Love poppies ... recall running through glorious fields of poppies in Northern California.  Poppies became known as the 'flower of rememberance' after WWII]

'The Waterlily Pond', Claud Monet

'Canale Grande and Sanat Marie della Salute', Claud Monet

[I have an actual photograph from my trip to Italy, Venice, that is almost the same shot ... angle and perspective ... as this painting.  Need to go back to Italy ... LOVE Italy ... absolutely everything about it! : )]

'The Grand Canal', Edouard Manet
[Venice is just packed with hidden treasures!]

'Berthe Moriset, In Black Hat', Edouard Manet
[Moriset was also an Impressionist artist herself.  She worked with Manet and later married his brother.]

'The Japanese Bridge', Claud Monet

'Stary Night', Vincent VanGogh

[This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of the night ... I hear Don McLean's ballad 'Vincent' in my head everytime I view this captivating painting.  : )]

[ Viewing art is reawakening the music in me : ) ]

And Madame Halcomb, you would be happy to know that it was the French language ( not German ... not Spanish...) that I went on to pursue in high school and college ... and I am now trying to teach my daughters as well. God's Peace, Light and Blessings to you ... wherever you may happen to be.  And now I'm off on a journey to pick up where you left off and explore Morisot, Sisely, Pissarro, Cezanne and more ... even some of the American Impressionist ... Ah, the joys of Art!

More links and paintings to come ...

1/13/2010  All of this exploring art has inspired me ... I'm tempted to reach beyond my comfort zone and perhaps try going beyond pencil and charcoal sketches to explore some new mediums.  I've never thought I had talent, but you never know ... might just be loads of fun and give me an even greater appreciation for all of treasures that I've been so privileged to come to know as of late.  : )

Sending peace and joyful thoughts your way!  God Bless!


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