Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Going to Revisit Our Constitution ...

Well, the votes are in on President Obama State of the Union Speech ... and from what I've heard, the overall consensus is that the President's speech was condescending, non-conciliatory, and in some instances downright disrespectful (e.g., direct attack on recent Supreme Court ruling concerning campaign finance contributions, with the Supreme Court Justices sitting directly in front of the President during his speech ... and being seated there at the request of the White House).

[ News Story:  Justice openly disagrees with Obama in speech. Alito visibly responds negatively when president mentions recent decision.

Video:  Jan. 28: Watch Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's reaction after President Obama criticized a recent decision on campaign spending. NBC's Pete Williams reports. 

I was actually surprised to see this acurately reported ... especially by MSNBC?  Perhaps Obama's love affair with mainstream media is finally over.  ]

Glen Beck went so far as to say President Obama is attempting to $$BUY$$ Americans' support for his "liberal progressive agenda for America" with a government pledge of a college education for everyone -- which if you do the math and use logic just isn't possible without further increasing the already unwieldly monster of national debt.  Beck asks if our freedom, the future of our children and our country can truly be so cheaply bought?

I for my part, am going to revisit the Constitution and read up on the Executive Branch's powers, in particular the use of the Executive Order.  Then, I'm going to review historical instances for the use of this power by former Presidents.  I'm going to do this, because given the tone of President Obama's State of the Union speech, the subsequent remarks by Nancy Pelosi on Healthcare Reform ( e.g., "We will climb the fence ... if that doesn't work we'll pole vault over ... and if necessary we'll parachute in."), and the fact that Democrats no longer have the 60 votes that they need in the Senate in order to cram their destructive piece of Healthcare legislation through ... I suspect that it is highly probable that President Obama may resort to using (abusing??) this power.

On that note ... here is a cartoon that Lauren drew for me ...

Lauren loves to watch Glen Beck.  She is now 12 and still says "Mike Huckabee for President".  Lauren is probably better informed on current affairs, our government and key issues facing our nation than most adults that I know.

Keep hope! All is not lost, and whether the President likes it or not: I am hopeful that the 'times they are a changing' (Love this song!  : ).  Think my next post will be about Art again ... too much gloom and doom in politics these days, but such is life, no?

Song:  "The Times They Are A Changin' ", By Bob Dylan

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