Thursday, January 07, 2010

National College Football Championship: GO TEXAS!

Go University of Texas!  National Championship tonight ... although, right at the start it's not looking too good?!  How Did Colt McCoy get hurt so badly just 8 plays into the game?  And the back-up is just a freshman?  YIKES!  Sending some prayers and positive energy your way ... GO LONGHORNS!

Alabama was hard fight for Ken's Gators ... was hoping my UT might pull off a win though.  Here's hoping and PRAYING!  Hang in there guys!

I actually put my Zombie Cheeleader pom-poms down and stopped stalking football fans long enough to watch this game : )

Me: Halloween 2009, 'Zombie Cheerleader'

... Well, Texas gave it an impressive try ... they were in it there at the end until the offense let Alabama knock the ball right out of Gilbert's hands before he even had a chance to throw!  The latter put Alabama right on their 2nd (?) yard line for an easy touchdown ... the rest is too painful recount and now ... history. 

But, I have to say ... Texas put up a good fight and Gilbert was most impressive ... considering the unexpected spot he found himself in.  Impressive game Texas!  With Gilbert as your quarterback next year, I'd say that you will once again be a force to be reckoned with ... not that I know ANYTHING about football ; ) (I'm married to a full-blown college football addict ... I've been subjected to literally EVERY SINGLE DANG game this season!).

Get better soon Colt McCoy!  I'll keep you in my prayers.  God Bless!

... Maybe this will cheer you up ... UT fans?  Made me smile : ) : ) : )

Pigeon: Impossible @ Yahoo! Video

1/10/2010  Ken says that his University Florida, Gator Football team has the "hightest ranked class of recruits for upcoming 2010 season."  He's psyched for 2010 college football already?!  Oh well, at least I get five months of relative peace from college football ... and I plan to make the MOST OF IT!  : )

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