Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Insurgentes II

I won't let the things that've held me back hinder me anymore ...

'Eloe', By Witold Pruszkowski

For a friend ...

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Insurgentes II

In parting, I’ve finally come to see
To see that the moon, she links you and me.
From the three days hence our meeting first,
To the many dreams since and in between …
The rebel moon, ever-changing,
Boldly refusing to be fixed,
Somehow, and for whatever reason,
She connects me and you.
Do you feel this to be true?

The Nightly Sovereign,
She with her band of Celestial Sights,
You with your inner Light and Fight,
Me with my silly Hopes and Dreams
A Vision of a better life …
A Voice of Reason
Against all of this treason that abounds;
It tries to suffocate,
pull us down and drown.
Yet we two …
Like the Nightly Sovereign …
We too refuse to be fixed
Refuse to yield …
Truth and Wisdom be our shield.

Perhaps that’s why
I can hear in you a truth of sages
That is,
When you’re not so consumed
With all that ages,
And whithers,
All too soon passing into nought.
We two rebel against all we’ve been taught.
We have within us a Wisdom to be told …
A Greatness waiting to unfold.
Perhaps that’s why I see in you a warmth of smile
That reaches out to touch my very soul …
Why I feel in you a kindred spirit …
Though I’ve not yet held your hand.

We’ve both an inner fire, deep within
And burning bright …
A flame that refuses to be quenched …
It provides our Inner Light
Perhaps even our Gift of Sight
It is our reason for the Fight
The pursuit of All That’s Right
A bold quest for Truth
Taking us further from youth of being
Yet closer to a youth of spirit.
Still your thoughts, close your eyes,
Open your heart and listen …
Can you hear it?
The Rebel Call
The cry that will hopefully,
One day,
Unite us all …

Perhaps we’ve parted before our time?
Still, I pray for you time and time again.
Often, I’ve reached out my hand
And heart to you in prayer …
Even though, to you,
It still may seem as if I’m not there
My prayers for you,
For strength and inner peace
For you to find release.
For an awakening
Of ALL that’s best in you …
For your hopes and secret dreams
That in their due time they may be given birth,
At last, realizing the beauty of their worth.

It has been a gift to know you.
For a time,
You’ve quelled the loneliness
That often resides in me.
Truly a joy it has been to meet another …
Even if it were only for a short while …
In this lonely, lonely world,
Who has the power …
The privileged Gift of Sight
To see the world
For more than it would seem.
And so , my friend, in parting I pray:
All that is Truth light your path,
And Wisdom show you the way;
Peace fill your heart and
Joy illuminate your days.
Until we meet again …

@Copyright December 2009 Michelle C. of http://www.whatplanetareyoulivingon.blogspot.com

[ Beautifully moving song ... still trying to discern its full meaning ... but the melody goes straight to my heart ... Insurgentes ... Rebels ...  Rebels for truth ... awakening ... you and me.  Though, you are bit louder about it than me.  : )]

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