Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Escape for awhile ...

Into Mother Nature's tranquil retreat, as seen through the eyes of Impressionist Painter, Alfred Sisley ...

This post is dedicated to those in Haiti who have had their own world turned upside down ... praying for you, ONE and ALL!

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Born of English parents, in Paris.  Alfred Sisley had a conventional art education, with initial influence by Corot.  In 1862 he began study under Charles Gleyre and it was here that he met Monet and Renoir.  From 1874 on Sisley exhibited regularly with the Impressionists.  Many believe that Sisley is the foremost painter among the Impressionists to remain true to ideal and aims of the movement.

The majority of Sisley's works are landscapes (including the Loire, Seine and Thames rivers).   "Sisley revelled in the sublties of cloud formation and the effects of light, especially in the darting reflection of water. ["World Art, The Essential Illustrated History", @2006 Flame Tree Publishing]."

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