Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Give Me Wings ...


Song: Bach Cello Suite 001 in G Major

'Winged Figure', By Abbot Handerson Thayer
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There are many ways to say it, but here is mine ...

As 2009 draws to a close … I find myself thankful … not reflective … nor looking ahead … but instead, rather content to just be … [have to say that again] … I am content to JUST BE … and that has been a long time coming indeed.

I also find myself truly thankful for my many, many blessings … most especially the wonderful people that I am so fortunate to have present in my life … some of you physically, others mentally, emotionally or spiritually … some of you all of the above. You lift me up, in ways beyond your ever knowing … you give me hope … you give me wings … and on rare ocassions: you even make my heart sing. I could not imagine a world without you in it.

So God bless you, one and all, as this remarkable decade draws to a fitting close. What the future holds: only Heaven knows … but we, each of us, have a part to play. And so, I pray for ALL of you (even those just passing by): may Good Health be yours, may Hope be ever present in your lives, may Peace light your way and may much Happiness and the ever elusive Joy fill your days. God Bless and Happy New Year 2010!

Sending all my best your way,


P.S. And surprisingly – for the first time ever -- I don’t think that I will have a hard time writing '2010' … for some reason, it seems as if I have somehow been waiting for 2010 to come along, and now that it is finally here: I am eager to greet it … go figure? : )

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  1. Hi Michelle, what a wonderful blog you have, so up lifting, I'll look forward to seeing more. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it was encouraging.

    Happy New Year


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