Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Grown-up Christmas Wish'?

Song: 'Grown-up Christmas List', By Michael Buble

Sitting on Santa's Lap (Never subjected my own kids to this?!)
[Maybe I'll go sit on Santa's lap and get of photo of me to post here? : ) ]

All the hustle and bustle of this busy time of year ... 

So easy to get caught up in the all of the drama and must haves .... must dos of the season ....

Well, my strategy this year has been to: 1) TRY to keep it simple; 2) focus on doing family things; and 3) wait until THE LAST  POSSIBLE SECOND to shop -- I truly, truly dislike shopping ... I'd rather go to the dentist ... no joke!  : ) 

But hey, our tree is up.  I've done some on-line shopping and I sent Ken out to brave the crowds for most of the rest of it.  We went to see the 'Nutcracker' Ballet  last weekend ... and this week, we will take our daughters to see Irving Berlin's 'White Christmas' (I've always loved the movie ... you know, the one with Bing Crosby and Danny Kay).   Bethany and Erynn Jeanne went caroling with Girl Scouts at a retirement home in the neighborhood just yesterday,  so I'd say we're making the most of the season.

Pacific Northwest Ballet Company performs 'The Nutcracker' Ballet

This evening, while toying with 2 boxes of Christmas cards -- and trying to decide if I REALLY want to send out Christmas cards this year --  the song (a remake of an old song?) 'This is My Grown-up Christmas List', sung by Michael Buble came up on Christmas CD shuffle. This particular song got me to thinking:  What would my 'Grown-up Christmas Wish' be this year, 2009?

How about you? 
Q: What would your 'Grown-up Christmas Wish' be this year?

Me ... well, I'm still pondering ... I'll get back to you when I finally decide .... :  )

Late P.M.  I've got it ... my 'Grown-up Christmas' wish that is .... I was going to wish for a legacy of peace and understanding among all ethnicities, cultures, and faiths ... but the latter wish seems intangible, almost insignificant, when compared another real issue facing the United States of America:   Political Apathy and Moronicness!

[Been awhile since I've written about politics ... so I figure that I'm due!  If you're not up for hearing me rant, best skip on down to the end ...]

I've finally got my 'Grown-up' Christmas wish:  that the citizens in this country will actually 'grow-up' and become truly involved in the political processes of this country ... that is, beyond complaining about and trivializing real issues.

The future of our country and the legacy we leave to our children IS NOT HOPELESS ... and unfortunately 'tiramisu' (if you know me, you know what I mean here) won't fix what ails us!

Most of you wanted 'CHANGE' ... some of you even GOT OFF YOUR AXX and actually voted for it -- what a novel concept?! Well, I've got news for you: your duty as citizen is NOT JUST TO COMPLAIN ... Not just TO VOTE, BUT TO BE INFORMED (quite frankly, if you're not going to be truly informed: I'd just as soon have you keep your butt at home, texting and facebooking and NOT VOTE!).  Furthermore, your responsibility as a U.S. citizen is TO STAY INFORMED, each and everyday thereafter, not just to be informed on the day you vote.

As a citizen of the United States of America you should know the issues: don't just REACT TO THE HEADLINE BLIPS fed to you by 'Big Brother Media'. If you CAN READ: pick up a dang newspaper or a politically themed magazine-- and preferably more than one. Watch an ACTUAL news program (yes, news programs STILL EXIST ... they're not antiques or relics of your parents' past) ... and watch even more than one news program (so as to get a more balanced perspective) and THEN DO SOMETHING TO EFFECT CHANGE: contact the people that represent YOU, 'the people' ... tell your senators, representatives and other elected officials what you want (I.E., COMPLAIN TO THEM IN MEANINGFUL, TANGIBLE TERMS) and then follow up on what you ask for.

If ACTUALLY CARING about the issues facing my country, my country and the legacy that we leave to future generations is 'INSANITY' then let me at it!!!!!!!!!!  GENERATION A (FOR APATHY) can keep your DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CONCRETE OR POSITIVE 'sanity' and laugh till the FACEBOOK 'EXCEEDED ALLOWABLE POST CHARACTERS LIMIT' COWS COME HOME.

I DARE YOU to actually do something besides complain! Start by finding out who your state senators are (you have 2) and who your representative in the U.S. congress is. Then, GIVE THESE ELECTED OFFICIALS A PIECE OF YOUR MIND (I.E., COMPLAIN TO THEM IN MEANINGFUL, TANGIBLE TERMS). Here are some helpful links to get you started:

What Can I Do to Impact the Political Process?

To those of you who actually stay informed on the issues and get involved: GOD BLESS YOU! You are what helps to keep this country from making its final swirl down the proverbial drain.

Okay, now that I've gotten that off of my chest ... maybe now, I will take a deep breath and make a wish for my earlier noble sentiment (after all, the only way my wish will ever happen is with ALOT of wishes and prayers ... and I do pray all the time!).  ... So, I close my eyes and make my wish ... "This Christmas, I wish for a for a legacy of peace and understanding among all ethnicities, cultures, and faiths here on this rapidly spinning blue planet called Earth."


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