Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

'Angels Entertaining the Christ Child', By Marrianne Stokes
(Image courtesy of

Let All the Earth Rejoice and Be Glad!

Merry Christmas Everyone:

His Peace, Light and Blessings
to you and yours!

Song: Hark The Herold Angels Sings, Music By Edward Shippen Barnes Performed By, 'Straight No Chasers' 

'An Angel', By Sir Edward Burne-Jones
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P.S.  Heard that Texas is getting hit with a bunch of snow ... "Been snowing all day?!"  Said my sister, Kris, not 30 minutes ago.  Weird?!  So stay safe you all driving to and from Christmas Eve services and celebrations.  I'll be praying for the same.  God Bless!

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