Sunday, December 06, 2009

Congrats Longhorns!

(Image courtesy of Yahoo sports)

You're heading to the BCS National Championship ...

I didn't see the actual game, myself, but I happened to see this photograph, with accompanying caption on Yahoo Sports "Texas Survives!"

Guess Texas managed to pull off a last second field goal which put them in the lead, by a SINGLE POINT?!

But hey, a win is still a win.    : )
As I whisper "Happy for you University of Texas!" Ican't speak the latter sentiment too loudly because my husband is still in mourning for his University of Florida Gators.  The Gator did not pull off a win against Alabama today; hence, U of Florida will not be heading to the BCS Championship game  : (   A disappointing outcome --from my husband's perspective-- but such is life.  You roll with the punches, eh?

Anyone need a room reservation in Pasadena?

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