Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spirit Dance ...

"The Middle Ground"
@Copyrighted Photograph.  All Rights Reserved: Isa Black Smith.

“Spirit Dance:  Night Owl”

These chains that bind me
Are loosed at night
And there my spirit dances,
Wild and free.
If you seek me find me there.
Pure in spirit, free of earthly care,
Flying wild and free, borne upon ethereal air.

@Isabelle Black Smith, August 2012.

This write was the bounce back --a need to escape and reconnect with the Divine ruling balance-- from another poem, "Old Brown Box" ... which was written after finally finding the courage to re-open a tattered old, brown cardboard box that I've lugged around for years and years, hiding it way in the back of each new closet.  I actually didn't consciously remember exactly what was inside the box when I pulled it out into the light a few days back.  Opening this box was like slicing myself with a sharp razor's edge.  I had forgotten that I had so hastily thrown so many of my deep dark secrets into a simple cardboard box ... Well, I poured my tears out into the aforementioned poem --"Old Brown Box"-- but I don't think I'll be sharing that poem here, save to say it felt like "crying someone else's tears."  Think maybe there's a country song in there?  Crying someone else's tears ...

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