Friday, January 25, 2013

Acceptance and Peace ....

Think I had it wrong the other day (black-white-fading-shades-of-grey) ... I had black and white right, but not the grey:

"Been thinking a bit more about black, white and shades of grey. The latter --black, white and grey, in art as well as life-- seems to be in the forefront of my thoughts and dreams these days. Having really bad headaches lately, thus I am taking some opiate derivative for pain as a prescription medication --apparently opiates don't have the adverse side effect of thinning the blood? So maybe my thoughts and pondering are a bit swayed by the medication? But sitting here tonight, it occurs to me that perhaps 'black' is denial or outright despair while 'white' is hope and infinite possibility (light, in it's purest form) ... the shades of grey are just the difference in between. "

Grey isn't limbo or confusion --the in-between-- I think rather that grey is acceptance and maybe, at long last, peace.

"Night train arrives in a blanket of twilight fog"
@Copyrighted photograph, Jan. 2013.  All Rights Reserved:  Isabelle Black Smith.


Brite Mist said...

shades of grey
- neither white nor dark -
not limbo,
but in its own right a place to be.
sometimes it is peace,
but more than not a transision
from one place to another!

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Very insightful, Brite Mist. Your thoughts tie in so nicely with the photograph as well. I was wondering why I chose to place this photograph here. It seemed to go, but I couldn't quite figure out why until now. Thank you for sharing!

Tamarai said...

I discovered that you were following my blog so I thought I'd come round to yours and leave a few words. I do love the photo and I reckon that gray is where the acceptance lives.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Thank you, Tamari. Peace & Love to you. Appreciate your stopping by. : )