Monday, November 29, 2010

Go University of Oregon DUCKS!!

I need to write about something happy today. Thanksgiving was fun this year, from a snow point-of-view.  So even though we were away from  our family and friends, in Texas, we had our own little family of sorts along with lots of snow to help us celebrate this year.  According to locals who have lived here, in the Seattle area, all of their lives: "We've never had a White Thanksgiving!"  The kids had a blast with getting to miss two whole scheduled days of school due to the snow.  And of course, they thoroughly enjoyed going sledding for hours on end each day, including Thanksgiving Day!

The kids' "Monster Snowball" .... Thankfully, this thing was flung at me ; )

Fortunately, we had most of the supplies needed in order to throw together our Thanksgiving dinner, and what we didn't have: we just did without. So it was a simple Thanksgiving celebration; sometimes returning to basics helps to refocus your appreciation for all that you are truly grateful to have. And while extended family was greatly missed:  we made the most of the day, on our own, the best way we knew how to do.  I think, just maybe, getting back to the simpler things in life is something we as Americans, as a nation, should all be focused on this Thanksgiving most especially, given the state of our current economy.  Just a thought: take it for what you will.

Of course, no Thanksgiving would be complete without the college football games and holiday parades. Unfortunately, neither Ken's team (the Florida Gators) nor mine (University of Texas Longhorns) are having a very good year this year.  I guess our teams' poor performances are to be expected due to the influx of a large new freshman class of players who have seen very little game time this season.  A good friend of mine, however, happens to be a graduate of the University of Oregon.  Her team, The Ducks, are having an amazing year!  The Ducks are presently in first place and headed onto the National Championship last time I checked.  So I'd be willing to bet she --my high school friend, Kathy-- is pretty happy right now.  Bet she's cheering for her Ducks as we speak.  Go DUCKS! We'll be rooting for ya'll. : )

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