Thursday, November 18, 2010

New TSA Invasive "Body Scan" and "Body Pat Down" Procedures Are Just Smoke and Mirrors ...

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~Benjamin Franklin

I, personally, think that the new that the new TSA Security Screening Requirements are first, and foremost, a gross violation of our very persons not to mention our essential liberties, and  further, that these new "security procedures" are unecessary and overall ineffective measures towards the end of preventing another terrorist incident on board a U.S. passegner airliner.

Bottom line, if nothing else, ask yourself this: Why are these invasive procedures being implemented at the beginning of the busiest travel season of the year in the United States?

If "we, the people" revolt against these new procedures, when another incident happens on one or more of our passenger airliners ... if the "people's revolt", and legal challenges are successful, then the government essentially has a "Get Out Jail FREE" card. Do they not?

So do we sit back and just take the government's implementation of these new and invasive security procedures? I say "NO"!! ... Why?

Because these new procedures not only MISS THE TARGET (by a long shot!!), they are overall largely ineffective. These new "body scan" machines WILL NOT detect liquid nor plastic explosives, but trained dogs ... canines ... could. A TSA "body pat down" will not detect liquid or plastic explosives concealed in body cavities, but a trained dog potentially could.

Further, use of profiling would identify persons of interest that warrant a more thorough interrogation before being allowed onto passenger airplanes. Ironically, our Homeland Security Department will not deny that special treatment may be allowed for certain groups of people when applying these new security measures (e.g., Muslim women wearing burkas), but we won't use similar rationale for implementing profiling (a proven, highly effective security measure for Israeli Airport Security) ?

We, the American people, should DEMAND that our government not just do SOMETHING, but that our government should do what it takes to effectively implement proven security measures ( ... I plan to elaborate upon specific security measures that should be implemented in my post tomorrow...) that would prevent another tragic incident from happening on board a U.S. passenger airliner. This current across the board violation of all passengers choosing to travel via U.S. passenger airlines is sadly just smoke and mirrors.

And of course another cynical friend of mine harkens back to his ongoing divining rod for all that is wrong in the world today: "Follow the money!" ... And in this case, his theory proves true. Do the investigating for yourself: "Rapid ...Scan" the company manufacturing these "body scan" machines, parent company: "OSI Systems, Inc." ... Who recommended them? Was there a conflict of interest? Who made money off of the sale of these machines? ... Anybody working on behalf of our government? Hmmmmm ....

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