Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What about trains, buses, ferries and cruise ships?

I have to ask myself lately:  Why is Department of Homeland Security focusing solely on passenger airliners? 

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Photo By Me:  Grapevine Vintage Railroad
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What about trains, buses, ferries, cruise ships ... concerts, professional sporting events, political rallies?  Why not be proactive in prevention ... instead of waiting for a tragedy to occur before implementing security protocols?  Hmmm ... maybe because, you can't drive a train, ferry or cruise ship into the White House?  Guess, you could try a bus, but you probably wouldn't get very far.

Then again, do I really want to have to undergo a body scan or a "full body pat-down" in order to go to the movies or the mall?  Maybe not ... but surely there is some happy medium.  The bottom line is that I'm not going to live my life in fear of some terrorist attack.  When it's my time to go, I will go and I will have no regrets ... I guess, there is a fine line between being safe and being free.

What a world we live in?  So what can we, as ordinary citizens, do about it?  My twelve year old is already planning her political career ... She's starting with a run for student body president of her middle school next year, but she has high hopes and aspirations ... I've no doubt she'd get into government, take names and make some heads roll.  Ah, the energy and idealism of youth ... Too bad we have to grow up?

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