Monday, September 14, 2009

I Dare You Guys at Blogger ...

Okay?!  Is it just me, or does that piece of cake on the blogger login page look awfully inviting?  What's up with that? I know ... I know:  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGER! 

Hey, here's an idea:  Why don't you brilliant minds at Blogger create a 'playlist' at to celebrate?  I'd love to see what you all would put together for a list.  Are you based in Austin?  Remember that you were having some sort of get together celebration there a while back?  Isn't the 'Austin City Limits Music Festival' coming up there soon?  In October right? So you can draw your inspiration from that upcoming musical gathering.  Seriously, are you guys up for the challenge of putting together a list?  Dare ya ... No pressure, I just love this song! : )

Song:  Under Pressure, By David Bowie and Queen

P.S. Had a lot of stuff going on in my life these past few weeks+++.  Thanks again for providing a place to vent and stay sane ...

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