Friday, September 04, 2009

The Truth Behind Humor?

True or False? All humor comes from witnessing someone else in misery.

This little pearl of wisdom comes from a cynical coworker, proud father of a three year-old and new born baby girl.

I tried to come up with an example to disprove this theory and I couldn't. Didn't spend more than a few minutes on it though. Anyway, can  any of you come up with an example that would disprove this theory?

It is a rather dark perspective, wouldn't you agree? Help me out here. I would LOVE to disprove this!

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful and always insightful efforts.

Joyful day to you!


P.S.  Think I have typing dislexia lately?!  Seriously: Please excuse not only my many typos, but interchaning whole words within sentences in really weird word orders?! The lack of sleep must be starting to take a profound toll?  Think I'll resort to sleeping pills tonight.  Pleasant dreams to you.  : )

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