Thursday, September 17, 2009

Witness a TRUE Miracle and BELIEVE!

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As I was sorting through the mail today, I saw that I had received a handwritten letter -- don't get many of those nowadays -- from a dear friend whose father I knew was dying from an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer. Recovery chances for late stage pancreatic cancer are usually not very good, statistically speaking. But people aren't statistics in my book, and so I wrote my friend a letter giving her, her father and their family my very best. I told her that I would be praying -- storming heaven for her -- for her father and for the whole family during this difficult time. Then, I called my family and told them to start praying too.

I must have received my friend's initial letter, with the bad news, over 6 months ago and I have not heard anything back since that time. I had her address, but no current phone and no working email. I had given her my phone and email, but she has not called. I knew that she was busy; I figured that she would write when she had time and news that she wanted to share. So I just kept praying.

When I saw my friend's letter tonight, I was worried that it contained bad news. I opened it very slowly ... cautiously. Then, I began to read. As I read the opening paragraph of her letter, a feeling of sheer joy overcame me and I began to sob uncontrollably. But these were tears of joy! Miraculously, her father who initially was diagnosed with a tumor (size?) of 225, now had a tumor that was a 38 ... and 37, my friend informed me was NORMAL! NORMAL?! This is truly a blessing ... beyond a shadow of a doubt a miraculous occarance ... a MIRACLE. Proof again -- not that I need it -- that there is a God, a higher power, and that there is POWER in prayer.


I continued to sob, tears of joy, as I explained the reason for my tears to my husband and my eldest daughter who were staring at me with concern. When I told them why I was crying, they shook their heads at one another and looked at me like I was crazy, but I don't care ... this is closest that I've come to the sheer ecstasy of JOY in many, many months.

I am so happy for you, Cassie, for your father and your entire wonderful family. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers, and pray especially for the continued healing and health of your beloved father. Please give your father a HUGE hug from me when you see him again and call me when you have time to talk once again.

God Bless one and all!  May those who happen to pass this way BELIEVE!


P.S.  'HALLELUJAH!' is typically not a part of my vocabulary.  But I needed a powerful word to express the emotion that I was feeling and this word seemed to fit beautifully.  I am NOT a religious zealot.  Quite the contrary,  I believe that organized religions are a necessary evil ... a tool to help those that can't even begin to fathom a direct relationship with a God ... Creator ... Higher Power.  I, personally, have a strong relationship with God, the Creator.  I talk to Him daily ... often throughout the course of my day ... and I try my best to listen to His side of the conversation, even with all of the distractions in my life.  I don't feel that I need organized religion, but now that I have children:  I want to give them a strong foundation for having a relationship with a God, so we do the 'church thing'.  My hope in doing the church thing is that when my children are older, they will be able to make their own choices concering a God and the relationship that they wish to have with Him because they have some firsthand experience -- aside from my input -- to draw upon.  While I, personally, do not feel that I need an organized religion and that a lot of wrong has been done in the name of organized religion:  I think overall, the net effect of organized religion has -- and currently is -- contributed to the greater good of our world.  Given the wonderful diversity of the people inhabitating this planet, it would only stand to reason that there would be many different ways of choosing to worship a God ... Creator ... Higher Power.  I respect all people, their faiths and their beliefs, and I pray daily that the distrust and misunderstanding among various religions comes to an end.  I also pray that the people who have been turned away from God because of various organized religions find their way back to a relationship with God again ... even if they choose not to do the the church thing.

They say, "Never talk religion or politics."  But, I've never put much stock in what 'they' say anyway ... they tend to take the fun out life in my opinion.  Well, I've said my piece ... now I will be quiet.  Joyful day to you! 


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