Sunday, September 06, 2009

Last of Summer Forays ...

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Took a week off for some last minute summer fun with the kids -- last week in August  [Finally getting to the point where I can sort through the thousand+++ pictures that we took with two cameras]. 

We headed into Seattle to take in all of the sights.  Our adventures included the zoo, a harbor cruise, a revisit to the Experience Music Project & Sci-Fi Museum, Pacific Science Center and Imax,  Seattle Aquarium, and Day and Night visits up to the top of the Space Needle.  Oh, I almost forgot the kids favorite part:  some spin and puke rides at the City Center -- remember when we couldn't get enough of that stuff either?

At the EMP the Kids and Ken did a recording of them, "in concert", playing the song "I Love Rock-n-Roll" -- they didn't know what "Purple Haze" was?! We wound up with a DVD, concert poster and tickets. They were the band "Pink Ice" -- poor Ken, he's so sorely outnumbered. Ken played lead guitar, Bethany played keyboard, Erynn rocked on the drums, and Lauren sang the vocals. Loads of fun! I was the fan and photographer. No more spots left, but that's okay with me; I don't like to be in the spotlight anyway.  I'm in the process of learning "Purple Haze" on the electric guitar (LOVE Jimi Hendrix!).  If I ever get it down:  I'll go back to the EMP and do a recording myself.  ": - )

Still sorting through and cropping photos:  I'll add more (e.g., harbor cruise) as I get to them done ...

Anyway, we had a blast!  Need to take time off more often ...

Song:  Arms Wide Open, By Creed 

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