Saturday, September 19, 2009

French Vanilla Icecream .. Whimsically Drizzled in Sweet Chocolate Syrup?

I am randomly looking through other blogger's blogs early this morning -- while trying to wake up and begin the process of engaging in my day ... I'm definitely NOT a moring person!  This is not usually the way that I start my day, but I like to mix things up ... especially on the weekends and kids are not up yet.  Ken had to go into work.

Anyway, I came across the blog titled 'Down the Far Hall' .  The author, parsc2, has a blog with an interesting photo for each new day and little bits of his wisdom underneath.  I love the entry for Monday, September 14, 2009:

"Not all who wander wonder; then again - not all who wonder wander." 

[The photo for this thought is of  an ocean wave, on a sunny afternoon.]

I would leave a comment here, but my slowly recovering sixth says it is probably best not to ... besides it's so hard to leave comments on blogs nowadays?!  Too many login/IDchoices -- most of which don't work anyway?!

Some of parc2's photos are very interesting and the comments on a few make you laugh ... fun way to wake up!  Check out his blog if you have time and the inclination to do so ...

Here where I reside, it finally looks like the northwest that outsider's perceive of us -- weatherwise.  Today, it is overcast, dreary and drizzly, but that's okay ... the cloudy days, to me, are nature's way of giving us permission to slow the pace of our hectic lives ... and the gentle rain cleanses us, renews us so that we are ready to appreciate a sunny day when it arrives once again ... and a sunny day is sure to be just around the corner ...

In fact, we had a glorious sunny day just yesteday.  The sunset yesterday reminded me of a blue fiestaware bowl, filled with clouds of airy French Vanilla icecream, drizzled whimsically with sweet chocolate syrup ... you know, the way that the icecream begins to gently melt into the chocolate ... starts to swirl into the vanilla in strange and unexpected patterns ... almost like food art : ).  I was inspired to take a snap of this unique sunset, but my big camera had eaten through all of its batteries again (she needs to go on a diet!) and no replacements were readily available : ( ... thus had to resort to using her little sister ... maybe I should tell ken that I want new sets of rechargeable batteries next time, instead of flowers?

Here's are the images that I was able to capture ... judge for yourself ... (click on the images to see an enlarged view ... better detail) ...

Vanilla Icecream, Whisically Swirled in Sweet Chocolate Syrup ...

I'm off for another cup of tea ... hear the kids stirring ... Joyful day to you!


P.S.  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!  Hope you all have sunny skies down there once again in honor of your special day.  God Bless!

9/19/09 I wonder ... does experiencing pain ... any kind of pain have the potential to awaken us ... awaken our senses ... our appreciation for things that we used to walk right on by ... not even notice? Now that I feel as if I am starting up the upside of the emotional pain and turmoil that I've been experiencing these past few weeks +++, I feel ... this morning, strangely alive? Not even sure if that is the right word? But every smell is stronger, every color is brighter, music is sweeter, a hug from my kids feels warmer, food even tastes to me once again. I don't know what it is, but I hope that it lasts ...

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