Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I have to wonder, does the media's hovering around in the aftermath of any given terrorist attack, for hours on-end, acting like a bunch of vultures waiting to be the "first to feed" really serve the interests of the people the media are supposed to be speaking to?  Seems to me this non-stop coverage does more to serve the terrorists' end-game.  Might I suggest, that after an initial announcement, detailing the date, time, place and venue for any given attack, the media should then continue with their normal programming, breaking in from time to time to give pertinent updates as needed.  Then in the aftermath of the initial tragedy --when all of the dust has settled and victims and their families have been attended to-- the media can give a comprehensive update on the facts surrounding the story, with an equal emphasis given to the victims and their families, thereby sharing the human side of tragedy. Cover a terror attack this way, and we stand a chance of showing the beauty to be found in the human spirit's ability persevere and triumph over madness.  Let us celebrate this spirit of perseverance and triumph over pure evil, while remembering the contributions of those who needlessly lost their lives at the hands of soulless mad-men, hell-bent on promoting a warped ideology of hatred and intolerance.  In other words, at the very least, media please do not act as terrorist surrogates in spreading the terrorist message of fear and carnage.

My heartfelt thoughts and ongoing prayers to all impacted by the terror attack in Manchester last night.  May God Bless, keep and guide those affected by this tragedy, one and all.

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