Friday, May 05, 2017

Obstructionism, Ineptitude or Blackmail???

How's this for a conspiracy theory?  The whole "Russian thing" is just a distraction.  A "Look over here, everyone",  while we --the party in power, at the time: Democrats, by way of the Obama Administration-- use this fabricated distraction of "the Russian government conspiring with the Trump campaign" to justify our 27.5% increase in surveillance requests --a 3x increase in number of requests from years prior-- incidentally collecting data on hundreds of U.S. citizens, whose names we unlawfully unmask for multiple political gains, many of which we are still being put into play as we speak, behind the scenes.  I mean, if the Obama administration had really been concerned about the Russian government "meddling in our election", then our government should have started an active investigation prior to the election, but they didn't.  The Obama administration didn't let the American people know about this supposed "definitive meddling", even though they claim "to have known about this meddling" in the months leading up to the November 2017 Presidential election.  The powers that be have even claimed to have "proof"  of this "meddling" by way of digital footprints --this is rich, given recently leaked Wikipedia documents which show that among our U.S. Intelligence community's "bag of tricks" is the ability to hack somewhere and then leave misleading "digital footprints" pointing to other hackers/countries.  In any case, now six months after the election, this "proof" of Russian meddling has yet to be tangibly identified and logged into evidence for review by the Congressional Committees conducting formal investigations.  Yet, the allegations of conspiracy still linger?  This in spite of the fact that the only definitive statement being put forward thus far is a joint statement from the CIA, FBI and DNI "That there exists no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government."

My conspiracy theory claims that the previous administration was gathering intelligence on a specific group of American citizens, namely U.S. members of Congress.  Why?  So that they could blackmail key Congressional members in an attempt to derail any consensus on Trump's legislative agenda, should he win the election, and/or should Republicans gain control of both of the House and Senate.  This is why nothing much in the way of meaningful legislation is coming out of Congress since the Inauguration --when Trump officially took office-- even though the Republicans now control both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

All the above being said, the wise man says "All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the right one." ~Okham's Razor

Applying this theory to the Russian hacking theory, which is more likely:  1) Russians hacked the DNC and got the emails to expose Clinton campaign weaknesses; or 2) that anyone with half a brain could hack an account where the access code was literally "password"?  Even the outlier explanation, that "a disgruntled Sanders proponent leaked the emails in an effort to expose the bias of the DNC towards Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders", makes more sense than option #1.

[5/17/2017 Look into Seth Richards, a 27 year-old DNC staffer who was shot from behind in a supposed "robbery gone wrong", back in July 2016 on the streets of D.C.  This when his jewelry, watch, wallet and phone were all found to be on  his body when police arrived on the scene.]

And sadly, the long-time standing lock-step voting by the Democrats in Congress --which turns into outright "obstructionism" when the opposition party takes control of the U.S. Congress-- coupled with ineptitude of the ongoing fractured Republican party (in terms of rigid ideological "principles") probably makes more sense than "blackmailing" members of Congress to sway votes and control legislative policy.  Or does it?  Whatever the case, all members of Congress need to put their rigid party ideologies and personal "principles" aside and focus --both parties!-- on getting meaningful legislation enacted for the good of "We the People", or come the mid-term elections we will vote you out of office, Democrats and Republicans alike.  "Resist!"  Does absolutely zilch to address the needs of the people.   Yet, somehow, even after the 2017 Presidential Election upset, Democrats still cannot seem to find their way to understanding that this is why they LOST.   People are tired being nothing more than "votes" to Democrats.   Anyway, Somewhere out there is a meaningful middle-ground and Congressmen and women:  I suggest you find it and quickly!  Because at the end of the day, neither obstructionism or ineptitude amounts to victory for the American people.  As for the "blackmail", something tells me the truth is going to finally come to light this time around ......

5/8/2017  More public hearings on Capitol Hill today.  There was a lot of grandiose show-boating, but nothing new or definitive.  Save for the fact that James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, testified under oath that he stands by his earlier statement  ---citing a joint conclusion between the DNI, CIA and FBI-- that "there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government."

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