Monday, June 19, 2017

"The Narrative"

If I could find the time machine, I'd go back in time and remove the concept of "the narrative" from our modern-day cultural vocabulary.  The modern-day concept of "the narrative" took root in the previous presidential administration, when talking points and spin --aided in large part by a dishonest media-- slowly began to supplant truth, and rather successfully --from a legal standpoint-- I might add. Thanks to the narrative, these days empirical, fact-based truth and ideas no longer seem to matter to the average citizen.  If you say something often enough, loud enough and from the right celebrity, political and media pulpits, then "truth" becomes whatever those driving the narrative want it to be.  And sadly, I believe it is the very concept of "the narrative" that is responsible for ever-widening chasms of our national divide.  One is left wondering, what will it take to shatter the illusion of "the narrative", thereby restoring order (i.e., civil discourse and national unity) to our universe once again?

6/22/2017  Per my concluding question:  I'm thinking,  it will take the restoration of journalistic integrity to the news-media industry.  But one wonders, what would drive this restoration?

7/11/2017 I think those content to be mindlessly led will always readily subscribe to "the narrative", those who seek truth would do well to look elsewhere.

9/3/2017  "National Day of Prayer" in the United States, per President Donald J. Trump.  Maybe it takes a national disaster (i.e., Hurricane Harvey) to bridge the chasm of our national divide?  Stronger to together:  Texans and those helping them out get this.

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