Thursday, February 14, 2013

Warner Media Group: The Big Brother of the Music Industry?

I've been meaning to write this post for quite some now.  Valentines Day is as good a day any, I figure.  So here goes:  Music is the rhythm of life to me.  For a time, I used to try to pick a song to go with many of my posts here ... a song that was in some way reflective of the thoughts, art, or ideas that I was trying to convey.  Music, when shared, can be such a joy and add amazing dimmension to life, I think. 

I look back over my blog here, today, and I find it void of sound.  I have shut down my paid site subscripton that used to host my legally purchased mp3 songs for sharing--awhile back now-- because even though I had leagally purchased these songs, apparently it is not legal to post these songs (on a site) for others to listen?  Doesn't seem quite right to me, but I received more than one notice from WMG ... "Warner Media Group" ... to this effect.  So then I tried sharing songs via, but each time the song that I had linked to would vanish from the database --most likely because WMG had gone in and had pull the song for "copyright" violations.  So then I tried the popular  --I can be very resourceful and persistent when I want to-- but as I have gone back to revisit my older posts, here on Blogger, and clicked on the links, I see now that almost all of the videos I had linked to, or directly embedded into my posts, have also been tagged and removed by WMG.

Well, as you can imagine, I am wholly disheartened by now. I seem to have run out of options.  WMG wins, right?  So I'm not sharing music here on Blogger anymore:  So sad!! To me, WMG's over-arching censorship of sharing music actually hurts the artists they represent and the music industry as a whole, because people sharing a song ... liking a song ... using a song to relate thoughts & ideas and connect with others should help to increase exposure for a given artist or group.  It's like FREE advertising to my way of thinking.  Why would you bring the hammer down on that? Because a small minority of misguided people will copy songs and not buy legal copies? That's like saying, I might get into a car accident if I ride in a car, so I will never ride in a car. Such backwards logic and faulty reasoning.  Well, I can't control WMG nor their strong-handed, far-reaching efforts to silence the music in my life ... BUT what I can control is who I will buy my music from and I have made a firm commitment NOT to purchase any song or album by any artist or group that is represented by WMG.  Thankfully, I now have Spotify, so I don't have to purchase songs anymore ... unless I really want to do so.  The down-side of Spotify is that very few of my friends have come around to using Spotify, despite my suggestions to give Spotify a try.  Funny how people become so accustomed to doing things a certain way that they hesitate to try something new? But, I digress --funny how often I seem to do that ; ) ... So bottom line: I don't really have the opportunity "to share" music much these days and that makes me a bit sad, but at least I can still listen myself, right?  Accentuate the positive.

/(Happy) Valentine's Day, WMG.

♥ Happy Valentine's Day to the rest of you!  Tutto ciò che sarà sarà (whatever will be will be), right? ... Or in my case, "che Syrah, Syrah" --my new favorite red wine:  Cheers!! ♥

[ Reading back over this post makes me think of the movie "Chain Reaction" --1996 American film starring Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman & Rachel Weisz-- where scientists at a prestigious university discover how to generate energy from splitting a hydrogen atom out of water (H20). Not really sound science, but an interesting premise in the idea of providing "free energy" to the world.  And of course corrupt government officials, backed by private industries, that would stand to lose hundreds of billions+++ of dollars in the event that the details surrounding the harnessing of this "free energy" were to be released to the public utilize every means possible to silence the discovery team of scientists. Well, just made me think of WMG ... Great movie if you haven't seen it yet, by the way.]

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