Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New IE9 Update Inadvertant Bug?

I use Google and Internet Explorer browsers both intermittently on my Windows machines. Wondering if there is a bug in the latest update for IE9.01.XX? Yesterday all of the text in my drop down menus for Internet Explorer disappeared (Google Browser was not affected). If I hit the ALT+X keys simultaneously the text would momentarily reappear, or as I ran the mouse down the length of a given menu the text options would reappear as the mouse went over each line item ... Problem seemed to affect my Spotify too, so Spotify must use IE9 as its baseline.  Anyhow, this was most annoying! I searched the web, but found nothing useful for a fix to the problem.  Finally, after reading on the Microsoft support web site for awhile, I found an obscure suggestion that seemed likely to help, so I tried it and it worked.  Here's the fix that worked for me if you are having the same problem: 

1) Close all open IE windows. 
2) Open a new IE window.
3) Click on the "cog" button/icon in upper right-hand corner of IE to launch toolbar menu option.
4) Select "internet options" from the pull-down menu, then click on "Advanced" tab to far right.
5) click "Reset" button at the very bottom of the menu page and areset pop-up frame will appear.
6) You can try performing the IE settings options reset w/out checking the box for "reset personal settings" (optional**) and see if this fixes the problem for you.  The problem did not fix for me until I performed all of the steps above with this extra option to "reset personal settings" enabled/box checked.

Note: Checking the "reset personal options" box did not wipe out my favorites/saved URLs in "Bookmarks." **And be sure to update the check-boxes under "internet options"/delete button, as these options will all reset to all not-checked when you perform the reset in step #6) above.**

Side:  While you are in the "Advanced" (tab) "internet options" menu you may want to enable the following options under the gold padlock (icon)/Security tab in order to improve your security, as these are not part of the default/standard settings:

a) check box for "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"
b) empty temporary internet files upon close of browser

VIP: You must click "apply" button at the bottom of this menu, then restart IE in order for the changes listed immediately above to apply.  I would suggest going back in and performing a) & b) above after you do the missing drop-down "menu fix", up above, in steps 1) thru 6).

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