Thursday, February 28, 2013

Got Sand in My Soul ...

@Copyrighted Image & Poem, Isabelle Black Smith.
February 2013, All Rights Reserved.

Just some words that seemed to drift to together after to listening to country song about sand ...
Time is a flowing river made of sand?

An in-the-moment reflection upon Time, pondering mortal(?) perceptions of this elusive entity from a personal perspective ... how time affects who we are, who we have been, who we are capable of becoming?  As for a "void of reason" ... my thinking here is that the void of reason comes from without, a world slowly strangling itself, perhaps?  These are just the words that found their way out in the moment ... A friend of mine says, let it out, write down,  let it sit and then go back and mull it over.  Great advice, I've found!

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