Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Moment: All too Soon Lost in Time?

Leap Year Day ... A moment all too soon to be lost in time?  "Time's hands held in perpetual blind" for the next four years ... Hmmm ... What will you do with your 'extra' day, I wonder?  Will you  embrace the everyday and mundane yet again?  Or will you do something wild and crazy ... color outside your lines for a change?

Me?  Well, I am working up the courage to follow through on a wild and crazy idea I had almost a year ago to this day.  So it would seem that perhaps timing is everything.  It has something to do with my own personal religion, in a manner of speaking. It will be slightly painful, but I am tired and numb these days anyway (with extreme, prolonged lack of sleep), so perhaps I shan't really take notice of the pain? Physical pain is fleeting anyway when compared to emotional pain, is it not?  

Here's a clue for my wild and crazy about to do  ...

Well here's to you:  I'm blowing a heartfelt wish your way, for you to find courage to embrace your unknown and color outside the lines.  Have a Happy Leap Year Day whatever you happen to do with this extra day.  Leave me a comment and share your wild and crazy, if you dare. 

Peace & Love. ♥


P.S.   I just learned that the Catholic Church is even venturing to color a bit outside its own lines, in a manner of speaking, by announcing today that it will be releasing 100 documents from the Vatican Secret Archives for viewing by the general public starting March 1, 2012 and running through Septemember 2012.  Most intriguing, wouldn't you agree?  The student of history in me thinks it might be time to venture on over to Italy once again. 

[Too bad I am not really in a mood to travel via commercial air anytime soon.  My last experience with TSA security, on my way to Hawaii, was not at all pleasant. It will take quite a bit for me to muster the courage up to go through that anytime again soon. I even have a free airline ticket just waiting to be used too ... Wouldn't be so bad if I actually felt that all of the TSA infringements actually made airline travel truly any safer. Perhaps TSA would do well to heed my advice to Republican Presidential Candidates: "Let's keep our eye on THE ball." ... I think, right now, the TSA is trying to juggle too many balls. One of these days --in the very near future-- I fear that they will drop one. ]

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