Thursday, February 02, 2012

Happy Groundhogs Day Ya'll!

Well the famous Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow today.  Apparently that is supposed to mean another 6 weeks of possible winter?  Felt like the high here in Seattle today was about 38 deg. F, so that prediction feels right ... maybe?  I mean the Seattle area was hammered by days of snow totaling nearly 2 feet just over a week ago (the last of which just melted in our yard on Monday).  Then I talk to my family in Texas and they tell me it is a rather warm winter there this year. That they hit near 80 deg. F. a few days ago and over night lows have been in the 60's.   A friend in Massachusetts tells me that this time last year they had over 80" of snowfall by this time of year.  This year, thus far, they have had only 8" of snowfall.  So it seems this is the year for unpredictable, I guess.  All bets are off ... Just like the Republican Presidential Primary:  Expect the Unexpected.

Here's my prediction ...

"Melting Snow"
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I predict that winter will try to throw one last temper tantrum, but I don't feel winter sticking around another six full weeks this year.  My track record for predictions this year, thus far, has been pretty good ... but the year is still young so take my prediction for what you will.  Whatever the weather: get out there and enjoy it! =) Seasons come and go ...

[Please excuse my many typos and grammatical errors in posts of late ... these days I am lucky to sleep 2 hours total on any given night.  Things are starting to become one BIG blur ... typos aside though: "it's all good."]

2/3/2012 Strange weather indeed?!  Just heard on the news that parts of the Sahara desert are presently receiving snow and that parts of Europe are being hit by a monster snow storm.

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