Monday, April 26, 2010

Wings and other unexpected things ...

As you probably know by now, I absolutely ADORE things with WINGS. My head is up in the clouds most of the time anyway, so I'm always on the lookout for things that FLY ... things with glorious WINGS. One sight that I've become very familiar with, here in the Seattle area, is that of the Eagle figure atop the spinning globe, on top of the TBD Communications building ( ... former newspaper no longer in circulation ... 'The Planet'? ), right along the Elliot Bay shoreline, with the Space Needle in the backdrop.

Yesterday we took a 'flat' version of my niece on a cruise of the Elliot Bay harbor. Flat Stanley, meet Flat Ella. By the way Ella, I love the PEACE symbol on her shirt ... tres cool. ; )

While out on the harbor tour, we happened to come across a most unexpected winged sight ... Can you guess what this is?

Copyright @April 2010 Michelle C. of

Here ... let me zoom in for you ... Can you see it now?

Copyright @April 2010 Michelle C. of

Yup, it's a bonafide bald eagle, with a nest, perched atop of a ship's crane. Of all of the places you would expect to see a bald eagle, this is NOT one of them, no? I have seen quite a few bald eagles since moving up here, but aside from the zoo, this is probably the closest I've ever been to a bald eagle .... I'd say 100 ft. give or take ... tres cool.

According to the ship's crew this eagle is a momma eagle with a nest of babies.  She's been there for awhile now.  Guess that this particular crane is now pretty much inoperable until the babies hatch and the family decides to be on its way ... Happy and safe nesting momma eagle. : )

... And Ella, please know that Flat Ella is having quite an adventure up here, in the Pacific Northwest ... She'll be on her way back home shortly, with lots of wild adventures, photos, and artifacts to share. Maybe even her own movie debut? ; )

Peace Out ...

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