Friday, April 09, 2010

Answer the Call?

First thought on my mind today ... perhaps something in my dreams ... as I have actually been sleeping this past week since surgery (today's my 1 week anniversary ... and I'm slowly starting to feel human once again ... : ).

sound effects:  phone ringing.mp3

A public phone is ringing, ringing, ringing on the street as you walk on by ...

Do you stop and answer it? 

                                ...Or do you walk right on by?

Now, after answering (the question ... not the phone! ; ) ... ask yourself why?  What does that say, or not say, about you?

Joyful day to you!



4/10/2010  So far I'm the only one I've spoken with who would answer the phone ... now, what I would say when I would answer ... that's another matter entirely ... use your imagination ; )  I think John Lennon almost had it right ... 'all you need is love' ... all the world needs is love ... AND a little IMAGINATION.

My bandwidth is spent on one of my mp3 sites?  That's never ever happened to me before ... very odd.  Anyway, some of the song links, in my posts, won't play until that is back up again.  Have yet to determine if it was a 24 hr. limit exceeded or the whole month?

4/12/2010  I think I know why I made this post about the phone ringing now ... someone did call me ... in my dreams ... and I 'answered the phone' so to speak.  Revisit 4/5/2010 if you're intrigued.

Song: "Come As You Are", By Nirvana

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