Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Romantic Thing: Can a Guy Learn How to Be Romantic? Should He Have to?

Regarding my post from the other day, when I wondered:  "Where are all the good the men dead? In the heart or in the head?"  (Quote from the movie "Gross Pointe Blank") ...

I am wondering today:  Do you think that after 10+ years of marriage that a man can learn how to be romantic?  After the 7 year itch, Is it just too late?  Are they just a lost cause in the 'romantic department'?  I mean, if all of the suggestions and hint dropping haven't sunk in:  Is it just time to plain GIVE UP?  (Is that why women shop? ; )

For that matter, can any man learn how to be romantic?  Is there a 'romantic' gene and you're either born with it or you're not?  I know that some guys can do the romantic thing and they make an honest effort to be romantic more often than not,  but should those guys that don't have any such natural inborn tendencies at least have to try from time to time?  And once any man marries, are they they automatically off the hook romantically speaking?

I mean, if we women are willing to go outside of our comfort for zone for them in certain areas (i.e., w.r.t. sex) .. Then can't they do the romantic thing for us in return?

I'm just curious, what the rest of you think -- men & women. With all of the demands on me these days, I don't get out to socialize with other moms, or women in general, much anymore. I guess, I lead a sheltered life in that respect. So help me out here; I would sincerely appreciate your inputs!  Cause my guy just flat out doesn't seem to get the romantic thing at all. : (

P.S. In my husbands defense: he is usually a very patient man. He puts up with my myriad of mood swings and quirkiness ... So that counts for a heck of a lot, right? ... Update:  He must have read this? Cause, Ken brought me coffee in bed this morning and made my favorite pancakes for breakfast. : ) 6/28

7/8 Ken bought me a dozen beautiful roses, on Monday, and dark chocolates today. Maybe, Blogspot is like a magic wish zone or something? I feel like a princess whose frog has been transformed into a prince. : ) Wonder, if I wish for a scuba diving vacation to somewhere warm and sunny if that wish will come true? You never know; it could happen. Until then, I'm happy. I'm easy to please -- most of the time, anyway.

7/9 I guess lots of other women have this same complaint about guys, and a lack of romance. Someone pointed out to me that there is a new movie coming out July 24th, called 'The Ugly Truth'. Apparently , it broaches this very same topic. Think I'm going to go see and drag Ken with me. That way, he can see that I'm not the only one with this complaint! Check it out:

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  1. Try reading "The Vixen Manual".


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