Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Good Day: Picnic Dinner at the Beach

Yesterday was a good day. After several cool days, it warmed up yesterday. So we grabbed our portable grill, a blanket, threw some food and drinks into an ice chest, and headed to the beach for an impromptu picnic dinner. When we arrived, we had practically the whole beach to ourselves. The kids, and Dad wanted to stop at the picnic tables, in the safety of the grass, but Mom (me) pressed on, dragging the whole crew a ways down onto the beach: to the perfect spot, nestled amongst a patch of washed up drift logs. "Are you insane?" The kids protested -- Dad knew better. "We'll get sand in everything?!" They continued whining, hoping to get their way, but I wasn't giving in. I replied, "Yup! You probably will." Adding, "It's these moments of insanity that let mommy know that she's still alive. Sand is just part of going to the beach. Trust me, you'll get over it."

It was an awesome picnic! The weather was perfect: not too hot; not too cold. A gentle breeze was even blowing. And best of all this outing required: No planning involved! Just had to chase the kids into the truck and go. Of course, the kids were resistant at first -- not wanting to be removed from their electronic gizmo's and gadgets for too long. But soon, they were scouring the beach for shells and cool rocks, finding crabs, and floating pieces of driftwood. Or in the case of my 8 year old daughter, 'they' were (she was) wrestling long strands of slimy seaweed right out of the water in order to chase her sisters around on the beach with them. My 11 year old -- future marine biologist -- found a fair-sized crab, which she then picked up --without hesitation-- in order to examine it further. Dad wanted to eat the crab, but Lauren would have none of that.

While the food cooked on the portable grill Ken and I played Frisbee, and this time I actually had pretty good aim and control. All of my shots went straight to Ken, instead of into the water. I should have a Guinness more often while playing Frisbee? We waded in the water, ate brats and corn off the grill, laughed and had a blast. Things ended, rather abruptly, however, when the tide started to come in: and boy it can come in FAST! We packed up and headed to the safety of the grass, just in the nick of time. A few minutes longer and we'd have been cut off from our exit. Guess we'll have to figure the whole tide thing out? Worrying about tidal flows and charts is all new for us. We're used to Lakes.

Anyway, wet and sandy kids -- they were floating on pieces of drift log, at the end, while mom and dad haphazardly threw supplies into the cooler and picnic basket -- trashing the truck aside, it was an amazing evening. I feel refreshed and renewed, like we've just had a mini-vacation, without the cost and hassle of actually having to pack and go somewhere. Very invigorating!

As I walked the beach, chasing after the kids -- while Dad tended the grill -- I asked God for a little sign that things were going to be alright -- with respect to relocating across the country, work,selling our house, and our marriage. A few minutes later, I found the most beautiful, perfect, pristine white, spiral sea shell that I have ever found, in all of my many years of walking beaches, in many countries. To me: that was my sign. We're going to be alright.

God Bless, one and all!

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