Monday, June 15, 2009

Life Not Working for You? Then Why Not Change Your Perspective

P E R S P E C T I V E -- what a powerful word!

Sometimes, we just need to change our perspective, in order to change our world. The possibilities are just limitless ...

Well, from my perspective: school's almost out! Flexibility -- another amazing word, by the way -- will once again be a part of our daily life. (Yeah!) Things are better. Yes, life has its up and downs. Dad's been sick lately, and hence his crankiness. A lot depends on him and he's never sick. Ever?! So with him down, we've all been out of sorts. Hopefully, shifting gears into summer will help spice things up a bit.

My daughter -- future marine biologist, since the tender age of 4 -- and I are signed up for scuba diving lessons, and I've almost finished writing my book. The book writing is a great -- and inexpensive escape. My husband has decided to work less hours and finally take sailing lessons. That should make him happier too.

If all goes well: our house on the other side of the country will sell, and we make enough of a profit to take a K & M (Dad and Mom ONLY) vacation.

To every season there is a purpose: and for summer, that's just kick back and relax fun! With a few fun-filled, exploring adventures thrown in -- of course. Lot's to see and do, that is new to us, in this new place.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

God Bless!


P.S. I challenge you:

Take a minute out of your busy day, to let some other fellow human being on this rapidly spinning planet -- someone that you wouldn't normally talk to ... step outside of your comfort zone -- know that you care about them. Ask how they're doing and truly make an effort to listen. Or send someone a note, or letter -- someone that you haven't written to in awhile, maybe an elder relative living alone, or in a nursing home. If each of us did this, just once a day: WOW! What an incredible place this world would be.


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