Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama: Demand Specifics now!

It is unprecedented, in a presidential election, that such a large percentage of the electorate are willing to vote for a candidate solely on the grounds of FAITH in his non-specific message of "CHANGE."

Senator Obama may be a very charismatic individual and gifted orator, but all of his rhetoric is empty and without specific details. Obama is great at pointing out what (he thinks is wrong) is wrong with McCain's positions on various issues, but at least McCain has stepped up to the plate and laid out his positions and plans for addressing issues -- such as the current financial crisis -- in detail. Obama is focused on pointing the finger. John McCain is focused on leading. When will Obama -- and the American people -- realize that the time be "present" is over. If Obama can't give us specifics on issues and demonstrate his ability to lead now, how can we trust him to lead as president?

The fact that so many Americans are sold merely on the rhetoric and promise of "change" scares me! What will that change entail? I want details, and answers, and I want them now!

If change is what you want: stop and look at John McCain's record. His voting record is consistent with change and voting for what he feels is best for the country as a whole, even when it goes against the establishment. Even if you don't agree with John McCain's vote on every issue: at least he has a record to examine. What does a vote of "present" on issue, after issue, tell you about a prospective presidential candidate?

Governor Palin has a record of "change" as well. Palin took on corruption in her state of Alaska. She ousted an icumbent governor and cleaned up corruption in the government of Alaska. Governor Palin turned the economy of Alaska around, established a surplus of government funds, and put money directly back into the pockets of every citizen in Alaska. How can Americans not see that her experience and successes as a governor can translate directly to benefit the economy of the United States as whole? Palin's only lack of experience comes in the area of foreign policy where John McCain has a wealth of experience, both militarily and as a congressman of 20+ years.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are in a position to bring concrete and beneficial "CHANGE" to the United States of America.

They have a long-range, detailed plan for America, and they have committed to keeping America strong, both economically and militarily.

They realize that we can't just stick our heads our in the sand and focus on purely economic issues at home and still remain a world power.

They realize that a strong United States of America has maintain a leadership role in the world.

They realize that America can't just vote "present" when innocent people are being murdered en mass, when extremist regimes violate UN directives and continue to develop nuclear weapons technology, or when foreign governments overstep their bounds and oppress fledgling democracies.

They realize that we can't sit down and talk with leaders of terrorist and/or extremist regimes on their terms. We can't afford to give these regimes even the slightest semblance of legitimacy.

McCain and Palin realize that men and women in the United States of America armed forces have put their lives on the line for this country and that government of the United States, and its representatives, has an obligation to be fair and truthful in their support of American troops with what they say (i.e., unsubstantiated claims of troops repeatedly killing civilians on a mass and daily scale) and how they vote.

McCain and Palin have the facts on the advancement of safe technologies for harvesting American energy resources (e.g., offshore oil drilling) that would take America closer to a state of true "energy independence", while alternative energy sources are studied, developed, and perfected to make a viable energy contribution.

McCain and Palin are dedicated to strenghtening the economy, creating jobs, and reducing corruption in Washington and on Wall Street (I hope to hear more specifics on this from McCain at the next debate).

Most recently Obama has criticized John McCain's economic plan to buy failing mortgages at their current value, vs. their fallen value. This plan, while costly, is a concrete step that would help to put a floor under plummeting home values and allow homeowners to stay in their homes with readjusted fixed-rate mortgages. It may not be Obama's idea of a perfect solution, but a least John McCain has proposed an immediate and viable solution. What is Obama's plan? He doesn't have one! Or perhaps an even scarier scenario: Obama (and his inner circle) has a plan, but he doesn't want to share it with you the American people because he thinks that the details of his plan are beyond your understanding or need to know. And who comprises Obama's inner circle? Just look at the laundry list of questionable Obama associations. Are these the kind of individuals who will be helping to formulate the decisions behind an Obama presidency?

If you are for "CHANGE" you better start demanding the specific details of that change. It is just over 4 weeks until the presidential election. For the sake of our country, our freedoms, our right to the "pursuit of life, liberty and happiness": let us once and for all demand specifics on issues from Obama, starting with his detailed plan for the current economic crisis, and the mortgage crisis in particular [While we are at it let us look at Obama's ties to Acorn, a company which is in large part responsible for many of the defaulted mortgages in this current meltdown].

I myself am going to get out there, face-to-face, and campaign for TRUE CHANGE via the McCain & Palin ticket. Maybe I can help to make a breakthrough with the liberals in this state where I am currently residing.

God Bless America!


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Anonymous said...

As the election draws closer, and having seen some of the debates, an Obama presidency is starting to unnerve me. At first it was just Democrate vs. Rebuplican (and Obama vs. Hillary Clinto for the longest time), but now it is Obama vs. McCain. I'm being to see through the rhetoric and the void of substance is elusive and scary! I'd almost rather have the specifics of an Obama presidency and dislike them as opposed to having the sheer unknown. That scares me and it should scare you too!