Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mason-Dixon Poll Reports: McCain and Obama are Tied

I wrote this on my blog the other day:

" Another form of bias is seen in the media constantly pointing out what a great performer and orator Obama is. But you have to look deeper. Look to the issues and where the candidates stand. Look at their voting records. Look at their work experience. Then say to yourself: "Which candidate is going to do the best job for the country when the cameras are off and the real work begins?"

You may have a favorite actor on TV. They play politicians, surgeons, doctors, lawyers, and nuclear physicists. They may be brilliant actors worthy of your devotion, but would you want that actor to run the nuclear power plant down the road? Would you want them to perform brain surgery on you? Would you want them to represent you in court? "

This is the most important message that needs to get out to voters.

Today I saw a TV ad that said, "You wouldn't want Obama as your surgeon. He has no real experience .... (Are you sure you want him as your president?) ... Barack Obama is UNTESTED."

I am glad that this precise message is getting out there. A Mason-Dixon poll shows McCain and Obama tied, neck in neck Most other major polls show Obama with only 3 point lead, which is within the margin of error they sight.

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