Friday, October 31, 2008

Sarah Palin: Successful Governor and Superb Pick for VP

Despite the media's new slant that the majority of women supposedly "have a negative opinion of Sarah Palin," and that many supposed noted political analysts and strategists find Sarah Palin "grossly unqualified to serve as VP" and "not ready to assume presidency:"

I, myself (a college-educated, hard-working, married, mother of 3), find Sarah Palin to be more qualified to be Vice President -- and potentially President -- than Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Historically, governors have been deemed by the American people, as well as political analysts and strategists, to be uniquely qualified to run for the Presidency and to serve as Vice Presidential candidates. The fact that Sarah Palin is a woman governor makes her no less qualified. Mrs. Palin's record on turning the economy of the state of Alaska around, taking on a corrupt incumbent governor, and tackling government corruption in the state of Alaska is very strong. Her record speaks volumes about her qualifications to be Vice President, and yes -- if need be -- President of the United States.

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In this time of economic uncertainty, more than ever, a team that has proven economic experience -- like Palin in the state of Alaska, as governor -- should invoke confidence in the American electorate. Not non-specific uncertainty.?! If there are doubts, put a name on them. The media's latest slant has no substance. Their claims are non-specific, and I have yet to see them produce a high ranking member of the Republican Party who will state on camera -- or in print -- that they are unhappy with Sarah Palin as the VP pick, let alone why. At least with specifics, Sarah Palin and the McCain camp can address legitimate concerns of the American people.

I think Sarah Palin, as the Republican Party VP candidate was a very smart move by John McCain. McCain's choosing Palin truly energized a lethargic, unhappy, and splintered Republican party. I think -- based on conversations with my friends, family, and other acquaintances -- despite what the media says, that the choice of Sarah Palin has brought many independents -- particularly women -- over the Republican ticket. I also think that in these final days -- when the independents are done analyzing all of the issues -- that independents will see that the McCain-Palin ticket is truly the strong and wiser choice for our country in the long run.

Also, if -- as the media says -- there are so many supposed Republicans in the party, who are "unhappy with the choice of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate," then I would challenge the media to actually find them and interview them. If not: stop talking about them! Because, I truly don't believe many, if any, exist.

Hang in there Sarah: you're doing an awesome job! (and to be writing this in a rush on Halloween eve: I really must think that you're something! : )

God Bless!


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