Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A World All Your Own ...

Is it just me, or does it seem odd that you no longer have to make eye contact with strangers, or say hello as you pass on the street, or sidewalk? Seems as if everyone is in their own little world gabbing away -- endlessly! -- about mostly meaningless, and in general trivial, stuff on their newest appendage: their cell phone.

I don't even know the name of the person next to me at the checkout, but I know that they just had their "nails done", their in-laws are coming into town, and their kid just got over a really bad case of "the runs".

And if one is not gabbing: there are sports stats to check, messages to text, or the latest game to play. All of this cell phone interaction seems to be creating little bubbles, worlds within worlds, where one can zone out from what's actually going on in the physical world around. And should that outside physical world dare intrude on one's little bubble of a world the outcome is often not pretty:

I've been run off the road and nearly hit by several cell phone bubble users. I've had my head irradiated by numerous cell phone users as they obliviously walk by, or sit next to me in a theater or a restaurant, or stand next to me at the check-out -- give me at least 3 feet of radiation-free space!

Health hazards aside: sadly, in this bubble world of physical isolation everyday common courtesy and manners seem to be a dying breed. Sometimes I wonder what world am I living in?

If anyone out there still says "hello" to people as they pass by on the street, or if you actually use safe and considerate cell phone etiquette (i.e., don't talk while driving, and don't blab your personal news for ALL to hear). If you still believe in common courtesy and old-fashioned manners: GOOD FOR YOU! More power to you! Maybe people like us will turn the tide back in favor of these "old-fashioned" ideas.

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