Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Marriage of Insanity ...

Well, I'm working my way back to the Light ... Actually, my oldest just finished reading "Dr. Jeckyll" with her AP English class.  So my discussions with my daughter on the "nature of duality" kind of spun off into this reflective write, I guess.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it ; )

(I'm still searching for a better image accompaniment for this poem, I think.  I might even try to do my own photo ART render?  We shall see ... In the meantime, do check out this talented artist on Deviant Art.)

Q: After viewing this image for some time, it occurred to me that perhaps the designation of 'sanity' and 'insanity' in this image might not be so straightforward.  What do you think?  Which image represents 'sanity' to you?  What about 'insanity'?

A:  Well, after much reflection ... I think that the image on the left would have to be 'insanity' to me, because her eyes are closed. She's clearly somewhere outside this 'here and now' and the smile on her face says to me that she's happy ... blissfully ignorant, perhaps, but happy nonetheless.  The image on the right --'sanity' to me-- appears to be looking on 'insanity' with a coherent, purposeful, almost envious gaze. 

@All Rights of Original Artist Reserved.

“The Marriage of Insanity”

What is sanity,

But a thinly woven thread

Skillfully threaded

Through the needle

Of Mind’s Eye.

Taughtly pulled

And sewn through

The trappings of

Worldly life.

Endless vulnerability

To infliction by

Disordered Strife.

Would were I

All the better off

Without it,

This ‘sanity’ …

Alas to Sanity

I find myself, in


Inextricably wed.

@Copyrighted & Published Poem 2012.  All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

.... And I just noticed something (per my post the other day, "Blue Destiny"), this woman happens to be the color of Destiny for me: Blue. Wonder what that means (why I chose this image)? Maybe nothing?

Here's a thought for you:  Perhaps the nature of duality in its citizenry is what allows ordered societies to prosper, thrive(?) and survive?

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